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WoW: Cute Pepe Costumes and Soul Band Talents - New Fame Rewards

In the latest ID, our heroes of Azeroth can once again earn three more levels of glory, and with them more rewards and loot. Among them are the last two missing Soul Band talents for your first and third Soul Mate, respectively. And, more importantly, we finally get a new Pepe. At fame level 56, our current pact gives us a matching suit of armor for our feathered friend. This armor is of course based on the look of Bastion, Revendreth, Maldraxxus and the Ardenwald and makes the little birdie a real member of the pact.

Before and after that, however, are the boring Soul Band talents. Okay, they might not be that boring, and in many cases they're also enormously powerful. That's why many players have been eagerly awaiting this moment, even switching soul mates now if necessary.

Reward at fame level 55

At level 55, you will receive the final talent of your first Soul Mate.

  • Kyrians: Pelagos: Newfound Determination
  • Necrolords: Marileth: Kevin's Mudling
  • Nachtfae: Niya: Bound Hearts
  • Venthyr: Nadjia: Fatal Flaws

Rewards at Fame Level 56

Between the two new talents, at level 56 you'll gain access to the latest chapter of the campaign and your costume for little Pepe.

  • Kyrians: A tiny pair of wings
  • Necrolords: A tiny vial of slime
  • Nachtfae: A tiny winter staff
  • Venthyr: A tiny sin stone
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Reward at Fame Level 57

At level 57, you will then receive the final talent of your third soulmate.

  • Kyrian: Mikanikos: Expiring anima accelerator
  • Necrolords: Bonesmith Heirmir: Memory Gear
  • Nachtfae: Korayn: Stratagem of the Wild Hunt
  • Venthyr: Draven: Battlefield Presence
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