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WoW: First look at new crafting materials in patch 9.2

In some WoW patches, when new areas like Korthia are introduced, new plants and ores are usually introduced as well. However, that wasn't the case with Korthia, and so we've been using the same materials for our vials, armor, and the like since the beginning of Shadowlands.

This changes when we enter the new Zereth Mortis zone in patch 9.2 of WoW Shadowlands. Here we find new reagents for our professions and collect materials with which we can craft our own mounts via protoform synthesis

. Below you can see an overview of the known new features for professions in Patch 9.2.

Crafting materials in patch 9.2

  • Silken Protofiber (Fabric)
  • Protogenic Pelt (Leather)
  • Progenium Ore (Ore)
  • First Flower (Herbs)
  • Protoflesh (Meat)
  • Precursor Placoderm (Fish)

Mark of the Crafter

  • Equipment for second chars can be upgraded to item level 237 with Crafter's Mark IV.
  • Crafter's Mark of the First Ones is an Optional Crafting Material that can be used to raise an equipped level 60 item to item level 263.

Legendary Base Items

  • Rank 7: Upgrading Legendary Items appears to work the same as it did in Patch 9.1 with the Rank 5 and 6 upgrades. On Zereth Mortis, you will learn how to increase the rank of a base item by +3 via Vestige of the Eternal.
  • You will need Progenitor Essentia to do this. These are the new Korthia Crystals, so to speak.
  • As of now, there will not be an 8th rank. Which item level rank 7 has, is not yet known. 11:26
    WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Video on End of Eternity

New Optional Reagents

  • Alchemy
    • Infusion: Corpse Purification - Defeating a creature has a chance to turn its corpse into useful reagents.
    • Sustaining Armor Polish - Increases the duration of vials, elixirs, and buff foods by 50%.
  • Enchantment Art
    • Cosmic Protoweave - When taking damage, there is a chance to trigger Infused Cosmic energy to heal you.
    • Magically Regulated Automa Core - Your abilities have a chance to summon an Unstable Automa that explodes after four seconds, damaging nearby enemies and healing allies.
  • Engineering
    • Erratic Genesis Matrix - When you take hits from enemies, you build up the stackable buff "sparks of power". At five stacks, the stacks discharge and inflict damage on an enemy.
    • Pure-Air Sail Extensions - Increases your riding speed by 10% in the Shadowlands.
  • Jewel Loops
    • Devourer Essence Stone - Defeating enemies increases your highest secondary stat in stacks for a short time. Can be stacked up to ten times.
    • Ephemera Harmonizing Stone - Your abilities have a chance "to harmonize a mote of Ephemera nearby," increasing your primary stats for 15 seconds when you pick up the mote (dust?).

Source: icy-veins.com, reddit.com/wowSupport

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