World of Warcraft

WoW: Blizzard submits hotfix for Essence Conflict and Discord

Yesterday, July 16, American WoW players were surprised to discover that when they switched IDs, they only received rank 1 of the PvP Essence Conflict and Discord, even though they had already earned a 1,000+ rating (the requirement for rank 2). On the official World of Warcraft forums, those affected speculated whether this could be a bug.

Shortly after, Community Manager Kaivax joined the discussion and confirmed:

"Correct. This is a bug that we will now be hotfixing. We are working on a fix for all players who already had their PvP crate open."

Shortly after, the fix already landed on WoW's live servers. A bit later, the promised workaround for those already harmed followed: those who opened their PvP crate before the hotfix now have to log out and log back in once to get rank 2 of Essence (if the prerequisites are met, of course).

Last night saw a slew of other hotfixes that Blizzard had announced ahead of time, including some class and boss adjustments.