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WoW: TBC Classic vs. TBC 2007 - a completely different gameplay experience

As an old vanilla veteran, one of the reasons I enjoyed WoW Classic so much was that I was able to experience the Azeroth adventure very differently in the remaster than I did in 2005/2006. Sure, we know a lot more about the game now than we did then, and we were able to tackle all the challenges with greater efficiency (and a smaller time investment).

I also changed my focus from PvP to more dungeons, special questlines I had never played before (Tier 0.5 questline, for example), and Twinks, and with AQ40 and Naxxramas, I was able to complete two raid challenges that my guild and I had found insurmountable in 2006.

WoW: TBC Classic - Relive old content

For WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Burning Crusade Classic I had the hope that I could experience the Outland adventure similarly "new" or at least from a partly different perspective, and indeed Burning Crusade in 2021 plays and feels quite different from the Burning Crusade from 2007. Some of the reasons for this - as with WoW Classic - are obvious:

  • We know a lot more about TBC now than we did in 2007, and we can tackle the challenges with much greater efficiency.
  • Basically, patch 2.4.3 forms the basis for TBC Classic. So in terms of class balancing, polish, and other areas, TBC Classic is actually different from the original launch TBC.
  • At the same time, Blizzard is offering us the original dungeon and raid tuning in many cases. Many downgrades came so quickly at the time that many players had never played the original bosses in 2007.
  • There are #somechanges like "all seals for all paladins", tier 5 content only with phase 2 or world buff bans in raid instances.

But what is the effect of all this? I draw my personal comparison.

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WoW: TBC Classic vs. TBC 2007 - the starting position

When I entered Outland in 2007, I only had a level 60 character in my rogue Creep. The first max level twist came in the coming months. So my focus in the beginning was clearly on my dagger wielder, who entered Outland well equipped with his epics from BWL, AQ40 and co.

At the time, I was leveling mostly through quests and sporadic dungeon visits. Even before my first raid visit at level 70, I had exchanged all vanilla epics - apart from the dragon tooth talisman

. The gold I had earned in TBC (in vanilla WoW I was constantly destitute thanks to PvP focus) went to fast flying.

14 years later, the starting point looked very different. While the main protagonist is once again a rogue named Creep, this time there were also several other level 60 characters waiting for their adventure in Outland.

Creep himself had access to the Classic Phase 6 BS gear this time, and even now (all raids and dungeons have been mastered multiple times) is wearing four pieces of the Tier 3 class set. He went into the new expansion with significantly more gold, but still doesn't have fast flying because he invested almost all of it in character progression of himself and the twinks, such as the Blinding Strike

sword. And when leveling, all characters now visit dungeons significantly more often to make ruffarming with the various factions a bit more efficient. Time is a precious commodity, after all. 02:46WoW
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WoW: TBC Classic vs. TBC 2007 - the endgame

I still remember how busy Alterac Valley was during the first few months of TBC. Part of the reason, I'm sure, was that 40-player vs 40-player battles rarely happened on many servers during the vanilla WoW era. It wasn't until the introduction of realmpools that this changed. In many cases, however, Alterac Valley visitors were simply keen on using honor to get rare gear with little effort, which they might then use to get into Karazhan and the like, or to get going in the arena.

The emphasis here was on "with little effort". The heroic dungeons were hard as nails, many craftable items were too expensive and/or complex, and even the first raid instances had to be toned down several times before they were open to the majority of the community. Being able to gradually buy honor items by standing around "afk in Alterac Valley" sounded rewarding enough for a lot of players to hang around in the entrance area in large crowds game after game. Bummer for the players who actually ended up in Battlegrounds for the PvP ...

In 2021, however, Burning Crusade is very different. The current waiting times for battlegrounds are so high, at least on the Horde side, that behind the farming of honor is an enormously time-consuming grind. So time consuming, in fact, that even many PvP fans only farm the absolute most necessary items to avoid being at a glaring disadvantage in the arena.

To prepare characters for the PvE challenges, however, there are now several more efficient ways. For example, many players now have a lot more gold and twinks than they did in 2007 and can get strong profession gear much more quickly/easily. And because of the knowledge, the better gear and the skill of today, the heroic dungeons and raids are much more manageable than in 2007. In other words: The dungeons and raids of TBC play a much bigger role today than in the beginning of 2007, because they are more accessible than back then and therefore a larger part of the community focuses on this content from week 1.

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WoW: TBC Classic vs. TBC 2007 - new perspective

For me personally, I'm not a raid and guild leader in Burning Crusade this time around, but a "normal" member. All the drama surrounding the change in raid sizes and attunement requirements had a noticeable impact on my daily gaming experience back then. And in 2021, TBC is again good for personal drama

. Any raid and guild leader is not to be envied.

At the same time, I have to say that the people in charge are doing a much better job today than I did in 2007. Back then, we used to divide up the clickers at Magtheridon via in-game macro, but now there's a clear sheet online where every detail can be seen, right down to the interrupters, the healer division or the assigned witch curses. Add to that clear calls in the fight itself and you have the boss.

WoW: TBC Classic vs. TBC 2007 - a first conclusionI'm

currently having a lot of fun with Burning Crusade Classic, and that's once again due to the fact that I'm experiencing the new edition quite differently than I did with the original


The starting point of my characters is different, I'm a different person, and the game itself is different than it was back in 2007. The bottom line is that TBC Classic feels familiar and fresh at the same time, and I'm extremely looking forward to the upcoming stages.

How have you experienced Burning Crusade Classic in its first few weeks? Tell us in the comments!

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