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WoW creator leaves Blizzard after 13 years

Chris Kaleiki - one of the creators of World of Warcraft - left the studio after 13 years of work. The developer admitted that he is dissatisfied with the direction of development of the said game.

The developer worked at the company for 13 years and was responsible for numerous WoW content elements;
Chris Kaleiki is unhappy with the direction the game has taken, including moving away from guilds and social aspects to make the game easier to play for those who prefer solo play.
One of the creators of World of Warcraft and long-time employees of Blizzard Entertainment - Chris Kaleiki - has decided to leave the studio after thirteen years of work. The developer talked about his decision in a video published on YouTube. In the material he reveals, among other things, that he is not satisfied with the way WoW looks now.

One of the reasons for Chris Kaleika's dissatisfaction is the fact that the cult MMO no longer emphasizes guilds and encourages players to organize themselves into functioning communities. In his opinion, such an approach, although it may suit players who prefer solitary play, is contrary to the basic idea of the genre.

I've been simply unhappy with the state of the game for some time now, probably too long. I think a guild is a great thing in Classic. To do anything in the endgame, you really need to be in a guild. This creates a dependency between players because they need each other to succeed. And while it may seem very restrictive at times, ultimately that's how it creates cohesion, it creates community - stated the developer.

Instead of complex team content and an emphasis on the community aspect of the game, WoW is now focusing on story, which fits more with a traditional single-player RPG production.

Warcraft and WoW have always had a story, but I think recently, in the modern version of the game, that story is becoming a bigger part of it. The characters and all their drama really take the air out of this production. I, on the other hand, think that in a virtual world, in an MMO, the players are actually the center of the story," said Chris Kaleiki.

The developer emphasizes that there's nothing wrong with the game idea that's currently being implemented in World of Warcraft, and many players are fine with this approach. For himself, however, it was a turn in the wrong direction. The developer has been aware of this for some time, but the release of World of Warcraft Classic reinforced this belief in him.

It's not so much a problem with the game, as a certain feeling of disparity between what a modern game is and what it used to be - said the developer.

Chris Kaleiki in the past worked, among others, on the PvP content of World of Warcraft, class designs (such as the Monk) or locations (Ashran). In this game you can find two characters and an item which refer to this developer by their names - it's a great proof that his work was important and appreciated by the company.