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WoW: Shadowlands the fastest selling PC game of all time

Blizzard has boasted that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has officially become the fastest-selling PC game of all time. The add-on has thus beaten the unbeaten previous record holder for eight years, which was Diablo III.

Champagne has been opened in the offices of Blizzard Entertainment. The latest addition to World of Warcraft, despite sixteen years since the release of the base game, has become the fastest-selling PC game in history. The developers announced that on the first day of its debut, the expansion was bought by more than 3.7 million players from around the world.

WoW: Shadowlands thus defeated the previous holder of the record. What's interesting, it was another hit production of Blizzard studio. We're talking about Diablo III, which on its debut day in 2012 reached 3.5 million people. However, this is not the end of good news for the American developer, which in recent years has a bad press. Shadowlands breathed new life into the age-old WoW, more than any expansion released in recent years.

The producers boasted that in the months leading up to the expansion's release, WoW's Asian and Western servers recorded the highest number of active subscribers in a decade. No other expansion has also attracted as many fans to the game. During this period, twice as many people played WoW as last year. The players also spent an unprecedented amount of time exploring the virtual world.

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic and the prolonged lockdown contributed greatly to this success, locking people indoors and encouraging them to return to Azeroth. Coronavirus was also one of the main reasons for Shadowlands' record sales. It is unlikely that this result will be repeated with the release of the next expansion pack.