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WoW BC Classic: No temporary dungeon lock for boost players after all

Update, May 19: The original information regarding the 24-hour dungeon and raid lockout for boosted characters has been removed from the official description on Blizzard's support page. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that this restriction will not be part of the character boost after all.

Original from May 18: If you want to be part of the Burning Crusade Classic release, but haven't finished leveling a suitable hero in WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Classic, you'll be able to jump right in thanks to Blizzard's Character Boost. If you buy this service, an adventurer of your choice will be brought up to level 58, but also equipped with four bags of 14 slots (Warlocks and Hunter Masters only get three, but a Soulstone Bag or Quiver) and a Folk Mount. On top of that, all weapon skills increase to level 290, and the character learns Inexperienced Riding.

The Dark Portal pass also unlocks all flight points in Azeroth and increases your reputation with all four capitals to Friendly.

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Restrictions for Boost Players

Characters who have reached level 58 and are able to enter Outland thanks to such a boost are still subject to some restrictions. Among other things, such characters are not allowed to enter dungeons or raids within the first 24 hours. The boost is also not available to Draenei/Blood Elves, so you won't be able to get Alliance Shamans or Horde Paladins as quickly. Also, you can only level one character on your account this way. If you want to transfer the boosted character to another realm, you will have to wait 72 hours.

For more information on the content and restrictions, please visit Blizzard's official support page.

What do you think of these restrictions? Will you be getting the boost? Let us know in the comments!