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WoW Classic is the downfall of many guilds in Battle for Azeroth

Most have probably quite expected that the servers of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic will be quite full in the first weeks. But whether really many players have expected such a large rush, it remains to be seen. Blizzard seemed to be not quite so convinced in advance and kept the number of servers rather small, which ended in long queues and the hectic reopening of many more servers.Meanwhile, only at prime time smaller queues and almost all servers are well filled. Many millions of characters and correspondingly many players are out and about in the classic version of Azeroth, preferring to fight Defias bandits and Murlocs instead of Old Gods and Titans. Although the number of players who have turned their backs on Battle for Azeroth is probably limited, this means hard times for many guilds. Especially for guilds that are still in the midst of progress, a real fight for survival is about to begin. Often, a handful of missing players can mean the cancellation of a raid night and the end of a guild.

25 quickly becomes 19

Many guilds have a squad designed for mythic content, which requires a group of 20 players. Add to that a few more players to cover vacation or other commitments and you have a squad of 25 to 30 players. But these squads are currently melting down wherever you look. But it's not just the fact that some players have switched from BfA to Classic that is threatening the raids. There is also resentment spreading through many guilds. While a portion of players can't do anything with Classic and continue to play BfA as if the Classic servers never went up, there are a whole bunch of players who simply play both. WoW Classic is the downfall of many guilds in Battle for Azeroth (1) Source: buffed Since the time available hasn't suddenly doubled, you're less likely to see those players on Zandalar or Kul Tiras. This can quickly cause the gap between players to widen. While some players have already earned necklace level 65, others prefer to earn a mount in Classic. Both are perfectly okay, but can lead to a lack of understanding within a community. And so many guilds - a glance at the WoW-relevant forums of this world is enough to notice this - currently have some problems caused by WoW Classic.Also, a slightly deeper look at WoWProgress quickly shows that the progress of many guilds with the launch of WoW Classic has come to a halt, sometimes significantly. At the same time, the number of guilds looking for new players has increased rapidly.

Have you had similar experiences in Battle for Azeroth, or is everything still running smoothly for you? Or are you even among those who have completely turned their backs on BfA and only or mainly hang out in Classic?