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WoW: Mysteries in Pandaria - the hidden eyrie

In our retro article series

, we regularly present highlights from over 15 years of buffed! And this time, we're taking a trip to Pandaria! In Pandaria, the WoW developers have parked a lot of small and big secrets that your heroes can stumble upon - or not. Because some of the mysteries that the legendary continent holds in store are not so easy to find.

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The hidden eyrie

Details upon details - the WoW developers have put a lot of time into the decoration of the Horst. Source: buffed

Hand on heart: you've probably flown over the hidden eyrie of the Sky People umpteen times, and even paused briefly to wonder about the falconry domicile in the mountains of the Jade Forest. But did you look around the hidden eyrie - a slightly ridiculous name, yes - and discover the details? No? Don't worry, we've taken care of that part for you. But first, let's take a look at the path that leads to the Sky People.

Of course you can fly to the hidden eyrie, nothing is easier than that. The eyrie is wedged between the Jade Forest, the Kun-Lai and the Veiled Stairs. But walking is a much better way to discover this small, peaceful place. If you want to get to the Eyrie on foot, start at Kun-Lai or the Veiled Staircase. Both regions are connected by the Ancient Passage, a tunnel system infested with Ho-zen. From the main route through the Ancient Passage, several paths turn north.

If you look into the tunnel on the far right, you'll see daylight again, because this tunnel will take you to a shallow pond. And at the end of this pond, you can spot a staircase leading up into the mountains. This is your path to the hidden eyrie. So when you've had your fill of the idyll at the pond, head up into the mountains. Just keep following the path that leads you over wooden planks and paths until you meet the first falcon trainer and his bird. Then it's only a few steps until you turn left around the bend and find the hidden eyrie.

Settlement in the mountains

The pandare of the sky people carpenters a boat, and far from any body of water. Source: Buffed

The small settlement consists of just two huts, a cave, and a few hawk trainers going about their daily business. Just in front of the hut on the left, a pandar squats on the ground and tinkers with his boat. We at least scratch our heads a little at the sight - what does the hawk trainer need a boat for, here, in the highest peaks of the Jade Forest? What is particularly striking is that the scenery is quite detailed. There's a saw in the hull of the boat, and a tea mug on a nearby tree stump. Considering that the WoW developers haven't actually done anything with the hidden eyrie, they've put quite a bit of effort into making the little settlement appear homey.

If you turn to the house on the left and climb the stairs, you'll find a book in the hut that you can read. The story is about two monks and an angler. The monks, engrossed in a discussion about the definition of truth, ask an angler to take them on his boat to an island so they can continue their conversation there. The sea is calm, and the fisherman does not like that at all. Because a calm sea announces an approaching storm. The monks, however, dismiss the angler's warning as gossip and insist on the crossing.

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A fairy tale with morals

During the trip, the monks find out that the angler can neither read nor write, and comment on this rather arrogantly with the words "It seems to us that you have wasted your lives". But now it happens that dark clouds are actually gathering on the horizon. It starts to rain and in no time the small boat is filled with water. The fisherman does not care, jumps into the sea and swims in the direction of the shore.

In the hidden eyrie you can read the story of the two monks and the angler. Source: Buffed

But the monks face an insurmountable problem: they cannot swim. In fear of their lives, they call on the fisherman for help. But the fisherman answers: "It seems to me that you have wasted your lives. With these words the story ends - whether the angler helped the monks or left them to their fate, we do not know.

We continue to the other hut, which is inhabited by falcon master Jer, falcon mistress Anna, the pug Hoggel and the little griffin Greifchen. While Greifchen makes his way above the heads of the pandaren, Jer and Anna seem to be involved in a silent dialogue - they move, but say nothing. Pug Hoggel, on the other hand, is busy with a huge pile of - well - shit lying on the ground. The thing is big enough to be a hit. The dog must have eaten deliciously for that.

Love of detail, but no content?

Hawkmaster Jer and Hawkmaster Anna don't seem to care much for the impressively large pile of pug Hoggel. Source: Buffed

Out of the house and behind the hut we pass a pandaren lady balancing on a barrel through a small crack in the rocks to another female falcon trainer, who is apparently preparing a meal for the falcons. Quite resolutely she beats a stone table on which all kinds of bones can be seen. In the meantime it is clear that the falcons like to eat fish. And that the pandarin has chosen her workplace with a view of the sea. However, the water is so far below the hidden eyrie that the boat builder will definitely not launch his nutshell across this gap in the mountains.

If you turn around again and walk back to the eyrie, you'll find another cave behind the second hut. In it stands falcon master Liu, who is swarmed by a whole crowd of falcons. Falconer Liu stands out from the other falconers because he has his very own audio files. For another, he responds to your hero in the text that opens when you speak to him.

If your character has not yet completed the adventures in the Tonlon Steppes, Liu will greet you by name and refer to you as a "gust of wind that heralds the storm of change." If you have completed the main quests in Tonlong, then ask Liu if his brother told you how he lost his eye. Liu's brother is in fact the pandar Nurong of the Shado-Pan. So there is a connection between Sky People and Shado-Pan. But why no quest ever sent you to the hidden eyrie is perhaps a question for the WoW developers. What fabulous adventures might have awaited the friends of the Sky People?

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