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WoW Patch 9.2: Mixed singles - here's how the rated solo queue will play out fairly

In the official preview of rated solo queues in World of Warcraft with patch 9.2, the developers have presented a system through which the so-called"mixed singles" should run fairly.

For a long time, PvP players have wanted a way to sign up for the arena alone. With patch 9.2 of WoW: Shadowlands it finally becomes reality. This has been possible via skirmish for quite some time, but in this mode you can only earn honor and a few conquest points, and you also don't advance in the arena rankings. So for the upgrades through arena rating, it's best to always have the right partner online, which isn't always the case. Mixed singles is intended to attract more players to the arena.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Thisis how the bad luck with the team composition is circumvented
  2. 2Thisis how teams are mixed in Mixed Singles
  3. 3Specialrules for winning in Mixed Singles
  4. 4Twonew arenas in patch 9.2

How to get around the bad luck with the team composition

But do you really want to risk your score with random players? And how do you make team compositions fair? As an example of an unfair team composition, the developers cite a 2v2 game where one rogue is paired with a mage and the other rogue is paired with a death knight after soloing.

Of course, the variant with the mage is currently much stronger because it's a typical meta combo. To make unfair pairings fairer, six players are lumped together and must play against each other in all available variants. So one rogue plays with the mage sometimes and just as often with the death knight.

WoW Patch 9.2: End of Eternity Developer Video

This is how teams are mixed in Mixed Singles

Each time you hit the queue button, you will enter a group of six players, including two healers and four damage dealers. The group then plays six rounds in every possible combination of one healer and two damage dealers. So players have to adapt to many different team compositions, but so do opponents.

Once all six rounds have been played, players' scores go up or down based on their results. So a player who wins all six rounds gains more rating than a player who only wins three rounds. To illustrate this even better, let's say there are two healers A and B and four DPS 1, 2, 3, and 4. The six rounds take place as follows:

  • A12 vs B34
  • A13 vs B24
  • A14 vs B23
  • A34 vs B12
  • A24 vs B13
  • A23 vs B14

Of course, six rounds of a traditional 3vs3 arena can be quite long. When players queue up for an activity, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes of their time.

The longer an activity takes, the less likely they are to wait for it, and the more likely they are to leave the game mid-battle. Therefore, there will be key differences in Mixed Singles that will cause matches to end more quickly. On

the one hand, of course, the lack of coordination in groups thrown together will lead to faster kills, but in addition to this, to ensure that each round is finished in two to three minutes, the developers have also made changes to the rules:

Special rules for winning in Mixed Sing


  • Unlike an ordinary arena, the team that kills an opponent first wins the round.
  • Mana regeneration will be further restricted and drinking will work differently (or maybe not at all).
  • If a player leaves, the game will be scored as if that player lost every round.

Two new arenas in patch 9.2

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WoW Patch 9.2: Mixed Singles - This is how the rated solo queue will be fair (1) [Source: Blizzard].

What do you think of this idea for rated PvP? We are looking forward to your opinion.

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