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WoW: Portal to Desmotaeron? Only with success Sanctum of Domination!

The current patch 9.1.5 has brought tons of smaller adjustments to WoW, which should make life easier for our heroes in the Shadowlands. This includes a new port that should take you from Ve'nari's Refuge directly to Desmotaeron, the new area introduced in patch 9.1. However, the new port is causing some confusion for some players.

Another option has been added to the anima stream teleporter. Source: buffed

For one thing, the new port is somewhat hidden. This is because it is not a classic portal, as in the portal rooms of Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Instead, the new port is hidden in the already existing anima stream teleporter, which is placed a few meters behind Ve'nari, if you have already unlocked it. There you will also find Desmotaeron in the selection of destinations since patch 9.1.5. This option will take you directly to the small plateau between the world boss Mor'geth and the raid.

However, many players have noticed that this new option is not available for them. However, the developers were able to clarify this quickly via the forum. It seems that a very important piece of information was missing in the patch notes. The new port to Desmotaeron will only be unlocked after you have defeated all ten bosses in the current raid Sanctum of Domination.

  • So you need the achievement Sanctum of Domination.

The portal will take you directly to the new area of Desmotaeron. Source: buffed
The developers also added a small tip. If the portal does not appear, although you have already achieved the achievement with another character, then log in on this character once, so that the portal is unlocked for the entire account.

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