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WoW: German patch notes of the hotfixes from December 15, 2021

Update from December 16, 2021:
Blizzard has published the German patch notes of the WoW hotfixes from December 15.

Original message from December 15, 2021:
Already in recent days and weeks, today's ID change in World of Warcraft (buy now ) was repeatedly the focus of Blizzard posts. This is also reflected in the patch notes for the December 15, 2021 hotfixes, which were released last night. The changes affect WoW: Shadowlands and Burning Crusade Classic.

What changes in Shadowlands

The changes for Shadowlands affect Legion Time Migration and PvP War Loot:

  • The Legion Time Migration, with all associated content (so including Mythic+ and Mage Tower), will now run for two weeks longer. The end of the event is now scheduled for January 05, 2022.
  • On Halkias in the Halls of Atonement, immunity effects should no longer make you vulnerable to Sin Light Visions.
  • The War Loot buff now also increases the honor received by 40 percent.
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This changes in TBC Classic

We had already addressed it in an extra news: Blizzard is bringing the Tier 5 raids Serpentshrine and Fortress of Storms up to patch 2.4.3 status

. Here are the changes:
  • You no longer need attunements to enter the two raid instances.
  • You can now advance directly to Lady Vashj without having to defeat any other bosses first.
  • Also the way to Kael'thas is free if you want to go there first.

Official Patch Notes for Hotfixes from December 15, 2022

Dungeons and raids

  • Time Walks
    • The Legion Time Walk(including weekly quest, dungeon queue, Mythic+, and Mage Tower) will now run for two more weeks, ending on January 5 (in Europe).
  • The Halls of Atonement
    • Halkia's
      • Player immunities no longer cause the player character to be targeted by Sin Light Visions.


  • In addition to increasing the conquest points received by 25%, 'Spoils of War' now increases the honor received by 40%.
    • Developer Comment: Honor gain has lagged behind obtaining Conquest gear after activating Spoils of War. This change pulls even with the 25% conquest bonus and packs a bit on top to give players just starting out easier access to gear late in the season.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed a bug where players were assigned to the Fortress of Storms before they had defeated any of the bosses.
  • The Fortress of Storms and the Cave of the Serpentshrine are now in their post-weakening state (original version of Burning Crusade 2.4.3).
    • Voting is no longer required to gain access to the Fortress of Storms and the Serpentshrine Cave.
    • The bridge console in front of Lady Vashj in the Serpentshrine Cave can now be used without defeating the other bosses.
    • The passage to Kael'tha's Sunwalker room is now open from the beginning without defeating other bosses.
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