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A 16-year-old mystery solved in WoW: Shadowlands

The Shadowlands add-on answers a question that plagued many World of Warcraft players years ago - it allows us to find out where the orc Mankirk's wife is.

The Shadowlands add-on answers the question "where is Mankirk's wife?"
this is a reference to a particularly perplexing quest that could once be completed in World of Warcraft.
It looks like Shadowlands has solved one of the oldest "riddles" in World of Warcraft - it answers the question "where is Mankirk's wife?". We're talking about the task in which players were to find the proverbial other half of a certain orc, who was separated from her as a result of dramatic events.

The quest was known for an extremely high level of difficulty - it took place in a large location Barrens, and at that time in the game there were no markers in the quests, so finding the right place caused many people a lot of problems. Many players asked about the location of Olga (that was her name) in the general chat.

It's worth noting that Mankirk's wife was never actually found - the player character only found a body, which he informed the hapless orc about, not being 100% sure that it was the wanted one. In the Cataclysm supplement, the quest was completely removed from the game and it looked like that was the end of the story.

The player only finds the body of an Orc woman.
But now, after several years, the Shadowlands expansion sheds new light on the matter - the player can come across Olga in one of the locations of the afterlife. She is located in a place where she fights other undead for eternity, which suggests that Mankirk's wife was not just a victim, but also a fierce fighter (in World of Warcraft everyone after death goes to a place that fits his character and nature - for better or for worse).