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WoW: New information about the South Park sword Devouring Cold

Update: WoW has now received the new update for the PTR of Patch 9.1, which, among other things, gives us new information about the sword Devouring Cold. Previously, we had reported that it is an upgraded version of the iconic weapon Slayer of the Lifeless. Now we officially know where to get the new item! Devouring Cold is a drop from Kel'Thuzad in the new raid for WoW Shadowlands - Sanctum of Domination, according to the PTR. Source: buffed As suspected, the item drops in the fight against Kel'Thuzad and will even come with a special activatable effect. It is not yet clear how exactly this effect will work, as we have not yet been able to hold the weapon in our hands. It is possible that it will be limited to a cosmetic effect. Since it's a proper gear drop, the weapon will also drop in four colorings - Turquoise (LFR), the usual Blue (Normal), Gold (Heroic), and Red (Mythic).

Original: Diligent dataminers have discovered another Transmog skin that we may be able to score in patch 9.1. However, this is not just any item, but a sword with an illustrious history. The Devouring Cold is based on the appearance of Slayer of the Lifeless and The Devouring Cold - an HD remake, so to speak. And for those who don't know: A weapon with this look played a crucial role in the most important South Park episode for WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) ler "Make Love, not Warcraft". As the "Sword of a Thousand Truths," it was the only way to defeat the trolling player who kept protagonists Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny from leaving the level region. Considerably fancier than the original: Devouring Cold makes Hungering Cold look old - which makes sense. Source : wowhead We could just watch the legendary South Park episode finale over and over again:

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How do we get the new South Park sword?

Exactly how we'll get our hands on the souped-up version of the iconic sword has yet to be determined. The original version The Draining Cold was a possible drop from Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas in the original version of WoW. That very raid boss returns in the Sanctum of Domination in patch 9.1 - so it would be a perfect fit to put a new Transmog variant back in the Lich's loot. Kel'Thuzad will be the penultimate boss of the raid - right before our showdown with Sylvanas, who is the final boss.

Source: wowhead

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Are you interested in the fancy HD version of the iconic weapon from South Park? Or would you rather stick with the original, as it appeared in the series? Drop us a line in the comments!