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WoW: Spoilers! The Voice Lines for the Epilogue of Shadowlands

Update 23 March 2022: WoWHead's dataminers have already found the voice lines of the WoW: Shadowlands epilogue in the game files. If you don't want to be spoiled for next week, stop reading from here on.
WoW: Spoilers! The Voice Lines for the Epilogue of Shadowlands (1) Source: buffed

WoW Shadowlands Epilogue - The Voice Lines of Sylvanas, Tyrande and the Judge.

Pelagos: Sylvanas Windrunner. There can be no true justice without compassion and I can see your deeds bear the mark of the Jailer's influence, an influence we failed to contain.
Pelagos: Then you know in your heart to whom you must answer, in trusting justice to your most fervent adversary.
Pelagos: Are there any gathered here who object to this fate.
Pelagos: So be it.
Sylvanas: The Jailer did not control me. Death would be a merciful end Tyrande. However long it takes.
Tyrande: What game do you play now Banshee?
Tyrande: The Sylvanas I hunted would never submit to the blade of her enemy. Your newfound remorse might be genuine. There will be no peace for you Windrunner.
Tyrande: The prisoner is in my charge now.
Tyrande: Below lies the Maw. Every Soul lost in its depths, betrayed or condemned, you should find and send forth to the Arbiter. You will toil there under Dori'thur's watchful eye. This is how you shall bring renewal to your victims. old friend. Watch her well.
Pelagos: The time for your judgment is at hand.
Sylvanas: My actions were mine alone and I accept their consequences and I do not expect your mercy.
Tyrande: But it can never erase all you have done. Until there is peace for the souls of your victims.
Tyrande: Bring her.
Tyrande: An unjust fate to which you doomed so many. And it will be there that your penance begins. To be judged with the compassion all souls deserve. Scouring every darkened reach until the final soul is free and you are all that remains and my people.

: It shall be done.

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As expected, Sylvanas is judged for her actions. The new judge Pelagos and Sylvanas' greatest nemesis Tyrande judge her fate. In summary, Sylvanas shows remorse for her actions. Of course, Tyrande does not let this pass and demands a just punishment.

As the last lines suggest, Sylvanas will be banished to the maw until she has freed all the wrongfully located souls there and only she (Sylvanas) and Tyrande's people remain in the maw. Is this a just punishment for Sylvanas? Write us in the comments.

Sylvanas in search of Nathanos

That Sylvanas will go into the Maw at the end of Shadowlands was already certain a few months ago, though, when new voice lines of the Banshee were found in the game files of Patch 9.2. From these, it is clear that she will go in search of her beloved Nathanos. The last time players had to deal with the plague caller was at the end of BfA as a world boss, after which Nathanos disappeared completely from the scene.

Original news from March 22, 2022:

If you complete the last chapter of the Zereth Mortis campaign (A New Beginning) in WoW Shadowlands tomorrow (March 23, 2022), you will receive the achievement Secrets of the First. The 7th part of this storyline concludes the story in the Realm of the First. We don't know exactly what happens in it yet, but based on the previous questline, our heroes will surely find a way to master the Domination Magic and defeat the Dungeon Master and his minions.

As the WoW developers shared on Twitter, the epilogue titled "Judgment" will be available only the following week (that is, from March 30, 2022). The final epilogue to Zereth Mortis (and probably the Shadowlands itself), which translates as "Judgment," may be about the fate of Sylvanas.

Epilogue was subsequently removed from the PTR

Sylvanas' character did a 180 in Shadowlands after the final boss fight in the Sanctum of Domination. Characters like Tyrande, however, will probably still have a bone to pick with the Banshee. Perhaps then Shadowlands' fragmented, sometimes opaque lore will become a bit clearer. Players are still waiting to find out what the great evil is that Zovaal wanted to protect us from.

The importance of the epilogue for the story of WoW (buy now ) is shown by the fact that the developers want to remove any signs of it from the game files, or not implement it at all. The epilogue was supposed to be the last part of the campaign on the test realm for patch 9.2

, but it was removed afterwards. Read also these interesting stories 49

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According to Lore boss Steve Danuser, Shadowlands closes nothing less than the great WoW chapter told since Warcraft 3. So we can expect great things for the epilogue. What do you think the epilogue of Shadowlands will show us next week? We're looking forward to your ideas in the comments.

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