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WoW: Even more nerfs - Torghast becomes completely undemanding in patch 9.1

Torghast is probably one of the least popular features in WoW Shadowlands. Granted, the first few visits are quite fun and even with Twinks it makes quite fun. But pretty quickly you've seen all the bonuses and even faster collected all the rewards. Still, for a long time players had to run through the corridors weekly to gather enough soul ash for their Legendarys. This compulsion probably didn't help make Torghast more popular.

With the upcoming patch 9.1 the developers don't want to bury Torghast (which would be the only right way according to many players), but leave hardly any stone unturned to somehow bring back the fun. But will they succeed? Because if you look at the changes, they're mostly aimed at making Torghast easier. That's all well and good, but it wasn't the problem with the feature for most players - including editor Phil.

Infinite deaths and crush everything!

With the new scoring system from Torghast, the limit for deaths per run was lifted some time ago and there should be rewards even if you don't make it to the end. It often happened that the final boss was so hard that players had to quit after the complete run because they simply couldn't send the last creep to the boards.

That will probably never be the case again. Not only do you get to die an infinite number of times, but the boss now makes it ridiculously easy.

  • Bosses in Torghast no longer regenerate health after defeating you!

Much like the Pride mobs, they retain the health they had when you kicked the virtual bucket. In principle, that's not a bad thing - but for the final boss of a piece of content that's supposed to be challenging? So in practice, I more or less successfully completed the run once I got to the final boss. What used to be the hardest and most dangerous enemy in the corridor becomes a joke that you can just smash. Hit it as long as you live, die, run to it, hit it again - eventually it's dead. Playful demand? Being able to press W and the right mouse button. Since the Tarragrue from Torghast is moving to the new raid, there will be no death limit in the future. Source: buffed

But it's even easier

Of course, this is all a bit overstated, but it's moving in that direction. Instead of somehow reworking the Torghast feature to make it fun, they're simply dialing down the difficulty to the point where it at least doesn't cause frustration anymore. In the same vein is another adjustment that was made recently.
Instead of particularly much claim, we just run through Torghast. Source: buffed
The Hotstreak, which you could build up by playing fast and well, and which additionally strengthened you, has been adjusted so that it no longer drops when you die or do nothing. Instead, the counter will continue to rise until at some point you are allowed to boost yourself via ExtraActionButton. The fuller the bar, the longer the buff. The goal of the customization is to take the time pressure out. That is so far understandable. However, some players were already happy that good and fast play would be more rewarding as a result.
Also, I can now target accumulation (without the bar dropping) to use the boost at the point where I might have problems - another relief for players.

Torghast must not be challenging at all

So Torghast doesn't get more exciting with patch 9.1, it gets significantly easier. As much as this bothers many, it's understandable. While players are clamoring at every turn for challenging content like the Mage Tower, Torghast cannot and should not be that. Because unlike the Mage Tower, which was completely voluntary, Torghast is a mandatory event for actually every player.
However, one could definitely differentiate and split up Torghast. Ditch all the simplifications from the Winding Corridors and make them really nice and challenging, while the Soul Ash grind loses its frustration factor.

Does our editor Phil see things too narrowly and you're happy to see Torghast simplified significantly? Or do you agree with him that the unpopular feature will now become an undemanding, unpopular feature?

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