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New races in World of Warcraft - Blizzard announces patch 8.3

Blizzard has unveiled Visions of N'zoth, the next update for World of Warcraft. Patch 8.3 will introduce, among other things, new allied races, an improved auction house and a lot of attractions related to the titular Eternal God.

There's no denying that in recent weeks the attention of World of Warcraft players has been focused on the classic variant of this production. Fans of the same should be pleased with the latest announcement of the creators. Ion Hazzikostas from Blizzard informed that Dire Maul instance will appear in the game on October 15. Originally, it was supposed to be part of the second phase of the update, which also includes the honor system and world bosses. However, the developers decided to make it available a bit earlier, which should sweeten the wait for the rest of the content.

WoW Classic is doing great, but the developers do not forget about the main game.
However, he would be wrong who would accuse Blizzard of abandoning the original World of Warcraft in favor of its classic counterpart. On the contrary, the latest footage focuses on the next big content pack for Battle for Azeroth in Update 8.3, titled Visions of N'ztoth. True to its name, the patch will focus on fighting the forces of the returning Eternal God. These we will face, for example, as part of a new raid in the dormant city of Ny'aloth, where we will face twelve powerful bosses and N'zoth himself.

Before we decide to storm the capital of the Black Empire, we'll have a chance to try our hand at the title visions. In Horrific Visions we will see what can happen to Azeroth if we fail to defeat N'zoth using the main cities of the Alliance and Horde: Ogrimmar and Stormwind. We'll be able to go on expeditions into the darkest recesses of the Eternal God's mind even alone, but don't expect an easy crossing even in a larger group. Because in addition to tangible enemies we'll be disturbed by mental attacks from N'zoth, which will distort not only the perception of the world by the characters, but also the gameplay mechanics. Fortunately, the sinister influence will be gradually reduced thanks to special upgrades, including the legendary cloak, in the creation of which will help returning Wrathion (or Gniewion as Hearthstone translators want to say).

The armies of N'Zoth will soon launch a massive attack on Azeroth.
In addition to this and new assaults (Assaults) on Titan outposts, the main attraction is the announcement of the addition of two allied races, one for each faction. The Horde will be joined by the Vulpera, human-shaped foxes from the Vol'dun Desert. The Covenant forces will be supported by mechagnomes - fully or partially mechanized gnomes, so far striving to completely abandon their mortal bodies. As in the case of other allied races, heroes belonging to them will start the game at level 20, but we'll gain access to them only after completing related missions. In the case of the Vulper we will have to support them in the fight against the enslaving sethraki, while the mechagnomes will join us if we help them overthrow the mad king Mechagon.

Gnomes have decided to return to their inorganic roots.
Among other changes from the 8.3 update, a major redesign of the auction house stands out. Currently, if someone lists a certain number of pieces of an item, players must purchase the entire set from the seller. So if, for example, we need 30 pieces of a given resource and there are only groups of 25 on offer, we have no choice but to purchase two such packs. What's worse, if instead we want to get a few hundred pieces, we have to laboriously wade through hundreds of offers and buy each individual package separately, which is as cumbersome as it is time-consuming. Blizzard intends to resign from the list of individual auctions in favor of a window showing the availability of the item at the price we are interested in (a similar solution is known for example from the community market on Steam). This will also allow for the separation of packages of items from a single buyer. In addition, players will be able to create a list of favorite acquisitions, which will allow to make faster purchases.

Trips to the auction house will finally cease to be a road through agony.
In addition, the patch will introduce, among other things, a heroic variant of the Darkshore Warfront instance and another season of PvP games. We do not know yet when these new features will appear in the game, but perhaps we'll find out soon. For now, Visions of N'zoth hit the World of Warcraft Public Test Server.