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WoW: Heartbreaker X-45 and the low drop chance - Blizzard wants to intervene

During the current event Love is in the Air, countless heroes are once again on the hunt for the rarest mount in WoW: the Heartbreaker X-45 - the Rocket formerly known as Great Love Rocket. Few mounts in World of Warcraft are owned by so few heroes

and none has such a low drop chance. While Blizzard doesn't release official numbers, various addons that record success and attempts speak of an approximate drop chance around 0.03 percent. That's one missile in 3,333 attempts.

On top of that, you can't farm the rocket as often or as long as you want. The event only lasts 15 days, and that's how many attempts you have - per character. Compared to other rare mounts, for example from old raid bosses, the drop chance is not only low, but you also have less than a third of the attempts - because thanks to the weekly ID, you can try 52 times per year to relieve the bosses of their mount.

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Heartbreaker X-45 - Blizzard wants to intervene

And it is precisely this circumstance that not only annoys many players, but is now also viewed critically by Blizzard, as the developers have now announced in a statement. It's no fun to run after a reward with such a low chance and only be able to increase it if you bring more and more characters into position. The good news is that the developers at Blizzard are already discussing internally how to fix this frustration threshold. The bad news is that nothing will change in the current year of 2022.

Higher drop chance? More chances? Bad luck protection?

But the question that not only the developers are asking themselves is how to take the frustration out of the hunt for the rocket (or other extremely rare mounts)? Of course, the drop chance could simply be increased - but would that really have a positive effect? And what would it have to be at least?

Another way would be to increase the amount of chances by making event bosses available for the whole year, for example, and then giving them a weekly lockout. That way, hardworking players would have more chances to get the mount. A third method, and the one we prefer at least, would be some sort of Bad Luck Protection, where the drop chance increases a little with each attempt until it is eventually guaranteed (after many, many attempts). At least for us, that would reduce the frustration a bit. However, this would of course also cancel out the important random factor in MMOs a bit, which not everyone likes.

Official statement from Blizzard:
Yep, this isn't fun. I've done the event a dozen times a day on my characters before in previous years and probably would be doing it again this year if I didn't have other real-life stuff going on.

Right now, if you want to maximize your chance of getting the mount, it's in your best interest to repeat this event every day on as many characters as possible. That's... mathematically correct, but not a great experience.

We hear this frustration and the good news is that we're discussing this issue amongst the team and evaluating possible solutions for holiday events in general. The bad news is that even if we do end up making changes, they wouldn't be in time for this year's Love Is In the Air holiday event.

What do you think about such rare drops? Are you also frustrated by the number of attempts needed or do you think it's okay to have such super rare things in WoW? (buy now ) exist? Or are you one of the few players who already have the heartbreaker X-45 anyway and just smile tiredly about it?

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