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WoW: Voracious overgrowth - Raremob in Zereth Mortis is buggable

Raremobs once again play an important role in WoW Patch 9.2 for all players who are after Cosmic Flux and Ciphers of the First for Legendary crafting. However, a very specific Raremob is currently causing problems: The Voracious Overgrowth is bugged, preventing players from sending it back into the earth from which it crawled.

The Rare can not be uprooted!?

The problem is the roots of the Voracious Overgrowth: in order to fight this rare mob, you have to uproot it first - otherwise the overgrowth won't let you attack it. To do this, interact with a few bruised roots that appear in the bushes near the raremob and pull them out of the ground. Then you can fight the overgrowth itself, usually anyway, as this video from the WoW (buy now )

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However, as the Wowhead editorial team reports, a glitch currently ensures that the Prallen Wurzeln do not appear at all and thus you cannot attack the overgrowth. Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround for this glitch. The best you can do is try to change the phase by joining a group and hope that the glitch does not occur here.

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A hotfix is a long time coming

Otherwise, we can only hope that the WoW developers will fix the bug soon. The Voracious Overgrowth is not only interesting for reputation farmers, but also for transmog fans - after all, the rare enemy drops the Machete of the Enlightened Botanist, a cool one-handed sword with a green glowing blade. By the way: If you want to know where to find the Voracious Overgrowth and all the other rare mobs of Zereth Mortis, take a look at our separate rare mob and treasure guide to the new zone!

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