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WoW Patch 9.2: Only one keystone hero for two new Tazavesh dungeons

Many WoW players had hoped that patch 9.2 would bring more dungeons for WoW Shadowlands. After all, this is the final update of the expansion. However, these hopes had to be buried when the patch was announced . But at least there is a new update for Mythic-Plus players. The mega dungeon Tazavesh, which was introduced in patch 9.1, will finally be split into two parts and made available in both Heroic and Mythic Plus modes at the same time, as many had hoped for 9.1.5.

Of course, in order to join the ranks with the previous Mythic-Plus dungeons, Blizzard will have to bring one or two achievements into the game at the same time, or even adjust the necessary rating for the Keystone Master. Among the new achievements is the Keystone Hero. These feats are particularly popular with players because they also include a port to the respective dungeon as a reward.

This is not only handy currently, where you have to travel there for every dungeon run. Heroes can also save a lot of time later on. For example, when returning to an old area that would otherwise only be accessible via a portal in one of the main cities.

WoW: Official video preview of mega dungeon Tazavesh

Two dungeons, one feat

Now you might think that for the two new dungeons there are also two new feats. However, that is not the case. Players will have to make do with one feat called Keystone Hero: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market


This is quite understandable in theory. After all, the two parts of the dungeon most likely share an entrance (at least that's how it was with Karazhan and Mechagon). Therefore, only one port and accordingly one success is needed.
In practice, however, some players are already annoyed by this. If you want to get the Keystone Hero of Tazavesh and thus also the dungeon port, you have to complete both parts of the former mega dungeon on level 20 or higher within the time limit. Completeers, on the other hand, should be quite indifferent to this. They want to bag all the heroic deeds around the dungeons anyway.

Are you looking forward to the Mythic-Plus version of Tazavesh, or is the mega-dungeon not exciting you?

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