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WoW Classic: Rogue defeats Hogger - solo and level 1

Over the past few weeks and months, players have been making a name for themselves by mastering WoW Battle for Azeroth content that was meant to be played by a group. Recently, for example, a Death Knight successfully completed a Mythic Plus dungeon at level 25! successfully. Rextroy, on the other hand, took advantage of various game mechanics to solo entire raid bosses. Often you read the comments that retail WoW has become too easy and that such a thing would not be possible in WoW Classic. The first proof of the opposite has now been given by a rogue who defeated the legendary Hogger solo - and that with level 1.

As you can see in the video, he makes use of the mechanics of Hogger's pathfinding. Hogger can't jump, so he can't cross obstacles in a direct path. Accordingly, the villain in the video keeps making poor Knoll run around a lonely fence while throwing daggers at him from a distance. While hardly a dagger hits due to the massive level difference, Hogger did have to admit defeat after over 19 minutes. The rogue used up over 250 daggers in the process, leveling directly to level 2 with the 120 experience points he received.

You can find the kill either in this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/HonorableAntsyPangolinCharlieBitMeoder in the stream recording below between 37:10 and 51:50.

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Of course, the kill wasn't particularly difficult in the end thanks to the exploitation of the wayfinding mechanic. However, you have to come up with this idea first and then stay focused for almost 20 minutes.What do you think of this action, and more importantly, how many times has Hogger knocked you out in WoW and how many times have you come back later just to get revenge?

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