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WoW: This is Dragonflight! Here are all known details

Update May 23, 2022: The first waves after the announcement of WoW: Dragonflight on April 19, 2022 have been smoothed over. There is a lot of interesting information that has come around, mainly in interviews with fans of World of Warcraft. So that you can keep an overview, we regularly update this report for you! We don't pick up all the mini-news, but we do pick up the important topics! If there are any news to this article, you will get to know about it here, at this place - check the date!

Dragonflight in a Nutshell

  1. 1WoW: Dragonflight - when?!
  2. 2WoW: This is Dragonflight!
  3. 3TheDragon Islands
  4. 4TheCaller of the Dracthyr aka Evoker
  5. 5Thedragon riding
  6. 6Dualtalent trees!
  7. 7Professionsin Dragonflight
  8. 8TheWoW interface
  9. 9Onemore thing: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

WoW: Dragonflight - when?!

When the Friends&Family alpha of WoW: Dragonflight starts, when the beta ... or when the Dragonflight release is, that is not yet known. It is expected in the summer of 2022 with an alpha and in the fall of 2022 with the beta of Dragonflight. The Dragonflight release could possibly be in the spring or summer of 2023.

WoW: This is Dragonflight!

It's official: The developers of World of Warcraft have announced the ninth expansion and the rumors have been confirmed! WoW: Dragonflight is a thing, and what a thing it is! It brings with the Dracthyr Caller a race-class combination, the first of its kind in WoW. On the Dragon Isles, you'll level up to level 70 and adventure in four new zones! You'll learn dragon riding, giving you the ability to dart through the skies of the Dragon Isles based on your skills.

You can register for the WoW: Dragonflight beta here!

WoW: Dragonflight - the cinematic of the announcement!

In addition, there are three super big construction sites: The talent system is getting a major overhaul, bringing talent trees "back". The professions will also feel developer love. And the user interface will be heavily reworked to make third-party WoW add-ons a bit superfluous again. Here is the overview of all known information about WoW: Dragonflight and also about the announcement of WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic. From the individual points, you can still get to articles that go into more depth in the respective area, among other things.
The Dragon Islands in WoW: Dragonflight Source: Blizzard

The Dragon Islands

On your way to the new maximum level 70 in WoW (buy now )

: Dragonflight you travel to the Dragon Islands, because they want to recapture the dragon swarms after their 10,000 year sleep (so the sleep of the islands, not the dragons ^^). On board is everything that has rank and name! You can look forward to the return of Alexstrasza and Furorion, to protodragons and elemental half-giants!

Get a comprehensive overview of what you can expect in terms of the WoW: Dragonflight storyline


Four areas await you on the Dragon Isles, which could not be more different. There is the Coast of Awakening, which radiates elemental power and where you can expect to meet WoW celebrity Alexstrasza, among others. You can also explore the vast plains of Ohn'ahra, the snowy heights of the Azure Mountains, and the towers and temples of Thaldraszus. There is no level-70 area like the Maw or Suramar; as usual, there will be an area for max-level characters in each Dragon Isle region. The capital of the expansion is called Valdrakken and is located in Thaldraszus - and finally offers you an auction house!

  • Take a look at our Dragon Isle preview to get a first impression of the new regions!

Furthermore, we now have quite a collection of reports on dragon lore, which we are constantly expanding!

  • This is the story of the Guardians on Dragon Isle, some of which you can see in the cinematic!
  • Look forward to numerous dragons! Here's an update on where Alexstrasza and Furorion, for example, currently stand!
  • What is Kalecgos looking for on the Dragon Isles? Could his old companion Sindragosa also play a role?
  • And what could Furorion be up to !

The Caller of the Dracthyr Source: Blizzard

The Caller of the Dracthyr aka Evoker

Dragonflight in a Nutshell1

. WoW: Dragonflight - when?!2. WoW: This is Dragonflight!3. the dragon islands4. The Caller of the Dracthyr aka Evoker5. The dragon riding6. Dual talent trees!7. professions in Dragonflight8. The WoW interface9. One more thing: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

The new class is something special, because it is the first race-class combination that has ever existed in WoW. In other words, this race can only learn one class, but they are free to choose whether they join the Horde or the Alliance - yes, if you look at the humanoid form of the Callers of the Dracthyr, it means that the Horde gets humans ^^Similarly

to shapeshifters, when designing your dragon avatars, you can design both the humanoid form and the dragon form according to your wishes. Callers of the Dracthyr can use blue and red magic as ranged damage dealers, or act as healers using the powers of the Bronze and Green Dragonflight. The power of the Black Dragonflight may be in the Empower ability, which boosts certain spells of the Dracthyr Caller. You'll start at level 58 in a unique initial quest in your own Dragon Isle area, and then you'll be able to choose whether to wear the blue or red banner.

  • You can learn more about the Caller of the Dracthyr in WoW: Dragonflight in our little summary of the known information.
  • By the way, there are currently speculations that there could be an ally race for the pre-order of Dragonflight; the Darkfallen.
  • Unsurprisingly, a few character creation restrictions apply to the Callers of Dracthyr as well, similar to the Death Knights and Demon Hunters at the time.
  • After Dragonflight, the Caller could also be given a tank specialization, but that's still up in the air.
  • Also: Class and race restrictions will be relaxed again! Tauren rogue anyone?

Dragon Riding

The Dragon

Isles lets you learn the new Dragon Riding skill, described by the developers as "a brand-new skill-based method of traveling in the air." Over the course of the expansion, you'll be able to train your dragon to have more speed and range, change its appearance, and customize it to your liking.

  • Find out more about dragon riding in WoW: Dragonflight here.
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WoW: Final raid of the championship season will soon land on the PTR

We'll soon find out what changes Blizzard is planning for the final raid of WoW: Season of Mastery.

Dual talent trees!

Whew, the WoW developers want to return a bit to the roots of classes and are massively overhauling WoW's talent system with Dragonflight! Apparently it's not just going back to the classic talents, but rather to a talent tree 2.0, which combines a bit of the lessons from artifact weapons, pacts, media and more. You'll then have a class tree as well as a tree of specialization talents that give you more in-depth choices and customization options.

  • You can find out exactly what this means en detail in our small preview of the talent trees of WoW: Dragonflight.
  • The developers have also already answered a mountain of questions from the community about the Dragonflight talent trees in detail.
  • There won't be as many Legendarys as you know them from Shadowlands in Dragonflight, because many Legendary effects will be built into the talent trees.

More news about systems and changes:

  • How to earn PvP equipment in WoW: Dragonflight
  • On top of that, you can also earn scores and arena rewards in the solo shuffle queue.
  • You'll earn fame again, but this time not from pacts but from aspects
  • Since we're already talking about system adjustments: The WoW developers are pursuing the plan of making as many things of everyday play as possible available account-wide in Dragonflight. We are curious if this will work out ^^
  • What the devs won't do without, however, is the timegating that WoW fans are now familiar with.

Professions in Dragonflight

Dragonflight in a Nutshell1

. WoW: Dragonflight - when?!2. WoW: This is Dragonflight!3. the dragon isles4. The Caller of the Dracthyr aka Evoker5. The dragon riding6. Dual talent trees!7. professions in Dragonflight8. The WoW interface9. One more thing: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

Criticism of WoW's crafting system has been loud and unmistakable for years. In between, in Battle for Azeroth and also in Shadowlands, it almost seemed that the WoW makers simply capitulated to the mammoth task of giving crafting some really good and meaningful ideas once again. In WoW: Dragonflight you can expect new features and tools for more comfort, crafting orders that are created by players, professional equipment and what was previously cut from crafting: Specializations! Crafting should be given a purpose again - hopefully Dragonflight will achieve that!

  • These are the basic announcements about Dragonflight crafting, with accompanying video from the devs.
  • There were also some interesting details from the WoW forums - such as the fact that you can re-craft already crafted equipment to "reroll" secondary stats at a lower resource cost.

The WoW-Interface

The WoW-Interface is also quite dusty. To make navigation and overview easier for you, the appearance of the mini-map, the spell display and various other elements will be improved. New functions will be added and the design will be improved. In addition, options of various aspects of the individual elements will be adjusted to your personal taste. WoW interface goes ElvUI?

  • You can read a bit more about this in our short overview of the new interface options in WoW.
  • T ransmog fans take note, don't throw away your white and gray items anymore!

One more thing: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

Finally it's official, there will be a Classic edition of the most popular WoW expansion ever: WotLK Classic. And because this baby is worth an announcement on its own, we're sending you

over to the official WotLK Classic announcement with this link


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