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WoW: Patch 9.1.5 makes farming the raptor mount in Kings Rest easier

Before the release of WoW Patch 9.1.5, anyone who wanted to farm the old BfA dungeon The King's Rest solo to secure the mount Mummified Raptor Skull from King Dazar first had to get past the second boss Mchimba the Embalmer. What sounds easy in principle - after all, The King's Rest is an instance from the previous Battle for Azeroth expansion - turns out to be a real challenge upon closer inspection, because the fight against Mchimba includes a DPS check. Insufficiently equipped characters will have a hard time with this - at least so far.

Important boss ability falls away

Because the WoW developers have adapted the fight against Mchimba a bit with patch 9.1.5. Until now, the fight amounted to solo players having to kill the boss before he cast the ability Burying. This skill usually puts a random player from the party into one of the tombs in the boss room, but those who are soloing are guaranteed to get hit by this skill and the fight resets. So if you don't manage to kill Mchimba before casting Burying, you won't be able to take down the boss solo.

But that's exactly what has changed with patch 9.1.5: Mchimba the Embalmer no longer casts his Burying ability, so the associated DPS check is no longer needed and you can take as much time as you want when fighting the boss. So your equipment won't play as big a role in your next farm rounds for King's Rest Raptor Mount as it did before. Anyway, we'll keep our fingers crossed and wish you good luck in your quest for the Mummified Raptor Skull.

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