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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a mine of interesting facts and easter-eggs. It's no different with Legion

Blizzard has always been a company that puts in its products countless references, winks, and references to other media, games, movies or series.

This reflects Blizzard's attitude as a multinational company with diverse teams that encourages the search for inspiration and paying homage to those who contribute to the culture. Anyone who plays World Of Warcraft can come across references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Nintendo games, or animated series, for example. Sometimes they make fun of themselves, previous editions of the game, or other Blizzard games.

The latest addition to World Of Warcraft, Legion, is no different. If we look around the main meeting place for players, Dalaran, we will come across many such curiosities. Some of them have existed for a long time (Dalaran as a city appeared in Wrath Of The Lich King) - For example, flowers are still sold by Aerith, and next to her is Coraud with his characteristic sword.

This is a reference to the famous game Final Fantasy 7, where we met the characters Aeris the florist and Cloud the hero (his name in WoW was written in Japanese style).

In a cafe called The Ledgermain Lodge, we'll meet Rachelle, an elf with a distinctive hairstyle, and a man named Roscoe, sipping coffee. These are the characters from the TV series Friends - Ross and Rachel. The characters speak from time to time praising the strong coffee or complaining about Phoe'be who didn't show up at the coffee shop.

Near Ledgermain Lodge is the Photonic Playground gallery. It is a real contemporary art gallery located in California and transported to the world of Azeroth.

Inside are some interesting paintings - reflecting the style of various painters, but depicting views from Azeroth.

Your next stop in Dalaran will be to visit an out-of-the-way vendor named Xur'ios. Any player of the popular console game Destiny will recognize this masked figure. He is Xur, Agent of the Nine, who appears in various locations and sells powerful items. The same is true of Xur'ios - only instead of Strange Coins, he accepts coins called Curious Coin. The items he sells also evoke echoes of concepts from the plot of Destiny: Krota's Shield or Mote Of Light.

During missions in the land of Azsuna we'll come across Arth'alas Academy - a school for mages, which resembles Hogwart's from Harry Potter. We can also meet the mage Filrich there - the equivalent of Argus Filch. Filch's cat, Mr. Nors, is also hanging out there.

A kind of reference to the real, contemporary world, in turn, is a mission performed for the demonic imp Daglop, who is very clever and first orders us to sign a contract. The contract consists of paragraphs written in smaller and smaller print, and who knows what we agree to. As a "reward" we receive an item called "Copy of the contract with Daglop", which, when activated, causes Daglop to sit (literally) on our necks and comment on our actions. His statements are passive-aggressive texts that we can usually hear from poor bosses ("Are you sure you're using your time in the best way?").

During the course of missions in the land of Stormheim we'll come across a series of quests whose names will please the music lover, especially the post-metal band Dragonforce: "Above the Winter Moonlight", "Wings of Liberty", "Heart of a Dragon" and "Fury of the Storm", among others. All are song titles by this band.

Finally, there's another musical joke, contained in the name of a talent we can unlock on the artifact weapon of a frost mage. This mage who casts freezing spells can use a passive skill that increases the power of the spells he casts called "Let It Go". This is a reference to the song from the Disney movie "Ice Age" (in our language, the song was called "I have the power"). After all, the movie Elsa is also a frost mage, right?

There are countless references of this type in Legion and other WoW supplements, and it's best to discover them on your own, without any guidebook at hand - that way you get the most satisfaction.