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WoW: Senior Game Designer Morgan Day on PvP in Battle for Azeroth

Senior Game Designer Morgan Day from Blizzard was recently invited on the Technically PvP podcast to yap about PvP in Battle for Azeroth in the 84th edition. If you want to listen to the episode, you can find the cast at the end of the post, starting at 27:27 minutes into the interview with Morgan Day. We've also summarized the most important statements for you below:

  • Morgan Day has been part of the team for almost 15 years and has worked on raids, dungeons, PvP, combat, and reward systems. He started out as a member of the QA team, testing dungeons and raids such as Pitchwing's Hoard, and there is no one-size-fits-all PvP team. Instead, there's a whole bunch of combat and system designers, for example, who also work on PvP, but not only. And when they're discussing loot from a new raid, they're always keeping the PvP side of things in mind - and that's what happens with anything that might affect PvP.Morgan Day thinks it's healthy for WoW (Buy Now $14.99) to have PvP players flirting with a PvE drop or two - and vice versa. As an example, the Mythrax gem Xalzaix's Veiled Eye was mentioned, which was very popular in PvP. When balancing items and essences, the developers will tolerate to a certain extent if a reward turns out to be the best option - such particularly desirable goals are certainly allowed in a game like WoW. On the other hand, the developers take a stricter view of balancing, for example, a talent line where all three options should be useful in certain situations.When it comes to buffs and debuffs, the changes go through several steps: 1) The problem needs to be clearly identified. 2) How can this problem be solved, what do we need to change to do this? 3) How critical is the problem? When do we implement the solution (with a patch or a hotfix)?The Imbalance of Power quest has done a very good job of balancing the factions in War Mode. However, due to the sharding technology, it is quite possible for one faction to feel clearly superior. The bottom line is that the faction balance is better now than it was on many PvP servers in the past.Mechagon and Nazjatar are structured very differently. Accordingly, the incentives for war mode were designed differently.Skill is the most important factor when it comes to a positive outcome in PvP. But there are certainly other factors that are important as well, such as equipment, choice of essences, choice of PvP talents, certain class talents.When it comes to class balance, the devs are particularly concerned that someone who is super strong in one area has weaknesses in another area for it. Is there a counter to strong specialization?The PvP Essence of Conflict and Discord has brought a lot of people to the PvP content.The team is happy with how the Essences are performing in PvP on balance.The current system of PvP talents is great from a dev standpoint because, for example, it's also easy to add new talents without necessarily having to strip away old talents.

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