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WoW Classic: These are the coolest trinkets - bombs, death rays & co!

On the live servers, a glance at your inventory usually leaves you dead in the water: your gear looks classy, but does nothing but glow pretty. As you lean against the tavern counter like a sullenly blinking Christmas tree in epic glittery purple, staring at the enormously high numbers in your equipment screen, you wonder if that's all there is to it. The trinkets dangling from your belt, in particular, merely elicit enervated eye rolls.

Table of Contents1. In WoW Classic, trinkets were still great for trolling!2. How we learned to love the bomb in WoW Classic3. Together, you're less alone in Classic too4. Chaos is a ladder? Wrong. Chaos is comedy. At least in Classic!5. Fun, Excitement and Something to Play For

The ultimate is a click ability that briefly boosts your damage - great, another unnecessary move to add to your rotation. Exasperated, you take a look at the Classic servers and shake your head in disbelief after a few seconds. Why are the players there smiling? Isn't everything in classic Azeroth more tedious and slower? You watch the goings-on intently and squint your eyes suspiciously. Why did that warrior there just shoot a fireball at the rogue? And why is the rogue in question rampaging through the woods with a fan club of leather-clad night elves? And how in the swirling Nether did the mage get himself a bloody pirate cannon with which he's currently raking some poor priest?! After a sober look at your legendarily boring gear, you throw off your clothes and plunge into the exciting life of the Classic servers. Maybe high stats aren't everything after all.

In WoW Classic, trinkets were still great for trolling!

Okay, things aren't quite that bad on the live servers, because at least we have our toy box there. So if you just want to fool around a bit, you'll probably be happy with your level-120 character as well. The trinket situation, however, looks grim indeed: Instead of treating us to explosions, rainbows, and bold effects, trinkets are stinkin' boring these days - which I'm sure has something to do with the fact that all the cool stuff has been relegated to the toy box. But we don't want trinkets to do more damage or cast spells faster, we want death rays and flamethrowers that can be used in combat! Thanks to the Titans, we now have the Classic servers, where you can indulge in the trinket craze to your heart's content. And before you take a breath to disagree with us: We know there's a lot of junk here, too, that just gives the player a value boost. But we don't care! The other trinkets are also easily applicable in combat, and in many cases are even better than being able to increase your strength by three points. And let's be honest, this is Classic WoW we're talking about. Do you honestly think we can't find creative ways to push the trinkets to the limit and drive our fellow players up the wall? Throw your best-in-slot trinkets in the trash and follow us to the armory of the mad Classic scientists. And be careful not to step on a gnome, they're scurrying all over the place. If you want to cause chaos among your fellow players or show off in WoW Classic, you should choose one of the capitals. There you will find countless admirers and victims. Source: buffed

How we learned to love the bomb in WoW Classic

We think warriors and rogues deserve some love in Classic WoW, after all, they're the only two classes that aren't allowed to cast spells. And no, hunters don't count, because they also use mana in Classic-WoW. So how could we give our beleaguered normals a little help? Simply by giving them the ability to shoot lasers, whirlwinds, and other elemental superpowers!

Goblin Dragon Launcher: Before they were relegated to a mount automaton on the live servers, engineers were known to build little packages of joy, love, and highly flammable rocket fuel. The Goblin Dragon Launcher is a level 240 engineer recipe and fairly easy to craft. Your reward is a gem that you can literally detonate every five minutes. Your character will then assume a "spell pose" and shoot a ten-second beam of flame from his hand, dealing up to seven hundred points of damage. The catch? The flamethrower's tank is leaking, which can cause you to catch fire and run in circles like a screeching buzzing top.This is where it gets amusing: The moment you catch fire, you do lose control of your character and you do take damage - however, any enemy players or mobs that touch you during this will also catch fire. Additionally, a malfunction doesn't count as an "use," so you can trigger your flamethrower again immediately afterwards. Now imagine a sadistic rogue sneaking up next to a group of enemy players and combining a flamethrower application with a goblin mine thrown behind him. As a little bonus, your character even continues his automatic attacks during the flamethrower animation. Get your "definitely a flamethrower" today - Elon Musk will be green with envy!

No List Without the Carrot When you complete the Gahz'rilla quest in Zul'Farrak, you'll receive a Carrot that increases your riding speed by three percent. Combine this with the Riding Skill enchantment and the Mithril Spores for a nine percent increase.Gnomentode Ray: Even more chaotic than the Flamethrower, the Gnomentode Ray can be confusing to your opponent when your dead warrior shoots blinding lightning from his crotch, reducing the enemy's health bar to rubble in one fell swoop. No kidding. Prepare yourself, because the Classic Death Ray is, without exaggeration, one of the most glorious gems of all time.To build your own little Death Star, you'll need a profession level of 240 as a Gnome Engineer and a burning urge to cover Azeroth in death and destruction. Your hand-powered ion cannon works by pulling the trigger and draining a certain amount of your life energy over four seconds. The drain varies greatly, but can reach up to one thousand five hundred health points, so keep an eye on your life bar. After four seconds, all hell breaks loose on your poor foe: The Death Ray's damage varies between seven hundred and three thousand points, not counting critical hits, because then the thing reaches damage numbers of more than seven thousand (7,000!) points! That's easily enough to reduce an enormous amount of enemies to their atoms with a single blow, in addition to clearing a medium-sized forest behind your enemy. Oh, your enemy wants to run away? Too bad, because the Death Ray has an infinite range. As long as the enemy was within your range when you started channeling it, it will hit. Guaranteed. Because it deals direct physical damage, it can't be blocked or reduced by resistances. Best of all, the Gnome Death Ray is ready to go every five minutes. Have a great PvP battle! Remember to send us the angry private messages of your disintegrated enemies.

Six-Demon Bag: Not a mage, but still want to smite your enemies with "the power of wind, fire, and all such things"? No problem, the Six Demon Bag is your friend! What does the bag do exactly? Well the Six Demon Bag doesn't just have a single function, but a whole selection of vicious tricks.First up, we present the Fireball and Frostbolt.The standard mage spells suddenly become a lot more spectacular when fired by a priest or a warrior; you can also pull a Chain Lightning from the magic bag, which leaps to three targets. It's all nice, but pretty ordinary. So it's good that you can also spontaneously turn your opponent into a sheep - without the usual health regeneration! Also hiding in the bag is a whirlwind, which completely immobilizes your target for three seconds. The sixth and most amusing effect, however, is the ability to summon a demon. There's nothing like the frantic reaction of an enemy who thinks they're fighting a lone warrior and suddenly has a mana-eating devil hunter attached to their leg - or sees a full-blown hellbeast burst out of the bushes in the middle of Elwynn Forest. At the time, accusations of using "hacks" were not long in coming. We are curious to see how the reactions on the Classic servers turn out.

Together you are less alone in Classic

Don't want to wander lonely and alone through Azeroth? We've got the solution for you: Bring along your own fan club, which will also help you in battle and make PvP opponents wide-eyed!

Cleaning, beating, wearing leather - you only have to ring the bell once. The Barov worker caller is a lot of fun! By the way, this picture is from the old card game. Source: Blizzard Barov Worker Caller: You know the situation: Just as you're about to enjoy the tea from the colonies, a bunch of riff-raff gathers in front of your town palace. You adjust your monocle and sic some of the peasants on each other while sipping your tea. Isn't it nice to see the rabble beating up their own kind? If you've also always wanted to feel like a lord or lady who can sic the lower classes on their enemies with the wave of a hand, we strongly recommend you try out the Barov Worker's Caller.You'll get the little bell through the quest "The Last Barov" in the Eastern Plaguelands. When you ring it, three workers appear, drawn from your faction's races and invariably dressed in brown leather. Contrary to what the item describes, these peasants do not engage in "cleaning and cooking" ... rather, they use their fists to flatten anything that doesn't fall to its knees before you! No matter what target you point at, these three will pounce on it with arms flailing. This isn't just handy if you've overestimated yourself in PvE again, as the pawns draw a huge amount of aggro - you'll have a lot of fun with your goon squad, especially in PvP. The frantic reactions of your enemy are always amusing to watch, after all, it's not often you get ambushed by a gang of leather night elves or biker gnomes.

It gets really amusing on PvP servers, where your summoned raiding party will attack enemy players in Loot Bay, for example, without the goblin guards intervening. Sit back, sip your tea, and enjoy the spectacle. If your opponent fights back, the guards will immediately pounce to protect the rich guy with his peasant army - just like in real life! The icing on the cake is that your beating peasants will attack their target until it is dead, the peasants have been defeated, or the summoning time runs out. Yes, this means that the guys will also bring rogues out of stealth that have disguised themselves with blinding powder.

Cannonballer: Your little gnome priest is being mobbed by a tauren warrior? Instead of holy light and shade, how about you just shoot a glowing twenty-pound cannonball into that dopey cow's fat face? Just take Cannonmaster Willey in Stratholme to task until he drops the cannonball runner, and you're good to go. And yes, this thing does exactly what it sounds like: You summon a cannon for ten seconds, and it takes fire at the enemy. The damage is more than respectable. We guarantee you'll cause a bit of chaos in PvP when your opponent suddenly wonders where the flaming explosive projectiles that just blew a third of their health bar came from. Oh, did we mention that the cannon attacks ALL enemies in front of you? And that its shots ignore enemy armor? If you've ever wanted to use an armor-piercing linear accelerator in Classic WoW - here's your chance.Rooster Mageddon The Gnome Battle Chicken is our secret tip for social gem lovers: it can give the entire party a five percent buff to attack speed that lasts for five minutes, after all. Plus, it's a robot chicken, what more could you want?

If you want to declare a state of absolute war, we highly recommend combining the Barov Worker Caller with the Cannonball Runner so you can declare World War III every ten minutes. There's nothing like two clicks to automatically win almost every fight in the open world. A big pile of enemies? Send in the infantry and call in artillery support! An enemy player? Yell "Today we dine in hell!" into voice chat and run him over with your explosion-accented mob! Encountering an enemy PvP raid? Fire up your cannonball runner and watch the Classic servers frantically try to avoid a heart attack while your artillery hammers out more than eighty projectiles over a ten-second duration. Absolutely Glorious.

Chaos is a ladder? Wrong. Chaos is comedy. At least in Classic!

Of course, there are those of you who couldn't care less about flaming retribution, angry mobs, and flashing death rays. Some of you don't pursue a grand goal, wealth, or scheme. Some of you just want to watch the world burn ... And we've got your Classic matches right here!

Deception Ball: In Classic WoW, there is no transmog and no toy box with an estimated two hundred different ways to change your appearance. What you see is what you get. With one prominent exception, the deception orb is random loot, dropped with low probability by the occultists in Scholomance, for example. When you don the trinket, you can transform into a member of the enemy faction for ten minutes. Your name will still show up in red to enemies, though, and your language won't change either. So what can you do with this thing besides waste vast amounts of gold on it? Oh, with the requisite criminal energy, quite a lot ...

Take a rogue, for example. Stealth in Classic WoW works on your own faction so that friendly players will see you if you sneak close enough to them - though not your name. Even today, not nearly enough players know about this combo option, so we're spreading a little chaos: put on the deception orb, ignite it, and switch to stealth mode. Now sneak right through a friendly player, preferably in a capital city, and watch them frantically rotate on their axis. Mages will often frantically throw area spells at you, while rogues will immediately switch to stealth. If you're really lucky, someone will start shouting "Rogue in front of the bank!" or something similar, and chaos will ensue because other players have already seen you. If you want to be really nasty, you'll use emotes from stealth, as your in-game voice will also morph into that of the enemy race. And especially sadistic deceivers play a gnome villain - because they turn into a Tauren when the orb is used. Maybe you can get one of your friends to think he's insane because he keeps talking about Tauren rogues. Have fun with your chaos pencils! In Classic, combine the concealment device and the deception orb - and head down to the taproom! At least one player is guaranteed to freak out. Source: buffed Gnomish Concealment Device: Don't feel like wearing clothes? You want to walk through Azeroth like the Earth Mother created you, but if you step outside your front door naked, your neighbors will call the town guard every time? We have the solution for you! With the Gnomish Concealment Device, you'll never have to wear pants or talk to your neighbors again! Simply activate the device and you'll disappear into a rogue variant of concealment.

The first thing we'd like to point out, of course, is the wonderful combo option with the Deception Orb: If you disguise yourself as a warrior out of sight of your friends, transform, scare them, and disguise yourself again in your hiding place, your magic trick is even more effective. There's no villain around, after all! Except you, of course, but you're more of a scoundrel, and that's not a class, it's a character trait. Secondly, we'd like to point out that gnomish concealment is not yet considered a trade invisibility or concealment in the current patch. This is because these are terminated as soon as you start casting a spell - unlike your device, which is only deactivated when the spell is cast! Want an example? No problem: You encounter an angry warrior who wants to pounce on your mage. You ignite the device, disappear in front of the warrior's eyes, and calmly cast your Pyro Strike with a happy whistle on your lips. You appear at the warrior's back the moment the pyro blast hits his life bar like a D train. Combine that with a Hurtfulness Potion, and even as a non-villain you can get to places you should never be able to get to on your own.

Fun, excitement and something to play

We hope you've enjoyed our grab bag of completely unbalanced and delightfully explosive gems. Because seriously, if you're an adventurer and you're given the choice between a gold necklace and a pretty brooch with bonus stats - we'll leave the room and go for the rocket launcher. Spread chaos! Blow up your friends! Destroy your enemies with absurd trinket combos that are as far from "balance" as Classic WoW's player numbers are from the live servers! And most importantly, never put on useful but boring trinkets. See you in Classic WoW!