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WoW: The new shop mount sun warmed fur ball in the video

Blizzard presents a new shop mount - the Sunwarmed Furball. The magical feline is the incarnation of a powerful animal soul from the Arden Forest and is ready to follow you wherever you go. The Night Fae have fitted the kitten with a magnificent saddle and adorned it with beautiful ribbons and jewels. The mount is now available in-game or in the Battle.net store for €25.

New shop mount for true cat ladies.

The Sunwarmed Furball automatically adjusts to your character's highest riding skill and can be used as both a flying and ground mount in-game. However, please note that the Sunwarmed Furball is not available in World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99)

: Classic or Burning Crusade Classic.

In quiet moments, the furball preens its fluffy fur, and as a mount special, the kitty playfully chases its own fox tail. On the official site, Blizzard describes the sun-warmed furball with the following words:

"Enjoy the crisp fall with a cuddly mount - the Sun Warmed Furball. This adorable kitty is guaranteed to purr her way into your heart.

Get cozy with a purring new friend
This magical feline with emerald green eyes and a bushy fox tail can carry you around the countryside with ease. But she prefers to stay in places in Azeroth where the autumn sun shines through the trees-especially if there's a cozy campfire nearby. With this fluffiest of mounts, you'll be ready for any adventure."

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