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WoW: Warlock OP - Rextroy one-shotted 15! Players at the same time

WoW player and YouTuber Rextroy is known for his unusual actions in World of Warcraft. He builds entire armies of NPCs, plays current raid bosses completely solo, or pits healers against each other in curious challenges. Mostly, though, he looks for creative ways to kick opposing players out of virtual life in one fell swoop. That's exactly what he's done in the current case. Only this time he's no longer content with just one opponent, but wants to one-shot as many fine ones as possible. With his warlock, he manages, thanks to a crude interplay of different talents, soul band bonuses and a special buff, up to 15! players at the same time.

But how did Rextroy do it? Well, the first thing to say is that this technique no longer works. Because as always, if he finds a way to completely destroy the balancing somewhere, he reports it beforehand and the developers fix any bugs in the game. Only after that Rextroy publishes the corresponding video.

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In the current case, he mainly times a buff from the current raid Sanctum of Domination. You gain Soul Darkness

when you free souls from their prisons in the raid. Until recently, however, this buff continued once you left the raid, providing you with up to a 60 percent increase in Shadow damage.

That alone makes for massive chaos blasts. Now, however, a few more buffs were added. First Strike and Tactics of the Wild Hunt increase the damage even more. Add to that a little extra power from Rotting Soul Sack

on a few surrounding mobs and you're set.

Now throw Summon Hellbeast into the enemy group, throw Curse of Devastation (PvP talent) behind it, and whip out a Chaos Bolt

that now hits all targets - you've got a one-shot that looks a bit like a massive lawnmower mowing down everything in its path.Support buffed - it'll only take a minute. Thanks!

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