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WoW: Shadowlands - details of changes in Torghast

Blizzard got down to tweaking one of the new features introduced in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The developers have taken the community's comments to heart and made a handful of changes to the Torghast prison tower.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands may not be the biggest revolution in the history of WoW, but one of the novelties introduced in the expansion was initially received with enthusiasm. I'm talking about the prison tower Torghast, an unusual raid that turns the game into a de facto roguelike. Unfortunately, after some time complaints about this activity became widespread. Hence Blizzard's decision to introduce fixes for Torghast in the form of numerous updates and hotfixes that have been released in recent days.

The concept of Torghast itself suits most players, but the gameplay experience is spoiled by a combination of three problems. Trips to the tower are too long and not very profitable, especially that we get rewards only after killing the last boss. In addition, some of the Anima powers (which serve as modifiers here) were removed after beta testing, making it harder to find more interesting upgrades. There are also complaints about the level of difficulty, but even after the debut of new, more demanding floors of the tower, there is a large dissonance here and it's hard to judge whether Torghast is too easy or too difficult for players.

The changes introduced by Blizzard seem to solve these problems (at least partially). The developers have reduced the health of enemies and the damage they deal. The current level 8 is a challenge on the level of the former level 6. They also introduced a reset of the cool-down time for important abilities, spells, etc. after reaching the next level. This should speed up your quest through Torghast a bit and make it not as long as before.

The same is true for the reduced stealth time for Deadsoul Stalkers (from 30 seconds to 15 seconds) and a handful of other enemy weakenings. Unnatural Power will no longer make bosses invulnerable to crowd control effects (i.e. making it harder for them to participate in battle) when cumulating the spell ten times. The activation time for certain abilities and the interval between uses of magic by sorcerers under Empowered has also been increased. Blizzard has also made it easier to play in groups (less health and damage for mobs).

Blizzard doesn't want Thorgast to be renamed to "Boreghast" as some have suggested.
Changes have also affected the Anima system. We'll get a better choice of powers at the beginning, and the chance for Anima cells to fall out after slaughtering enemies has been increased. In addition, in the latter case, the game will allow us to choose from at least three modifiers, as long as we slaughtered a rare creature. All this should somewhat reduce the randomness and give players a better chance to prepare for the clash with the boss without tedious grind.

Of course, this is only part of the changes introduced by the developers in recent days, because Blizzard also took to polishing other elements of the game. Developers have also not solved some of the problems mentioned in the entry (for example, with the difficult passage of Torghast when using certain classes). Perhaps this will be fixed in future updates, especially since the game's forum post in question mentioned that some of them might not be released until today. The full list of modifications from the last few days can be found at this link.