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TESO: DLC Scalebreaker has a release date for PC and consoles!

You have surely noticed it: Recently, the QuakeCon 2019 by Bethesda took place and of course, the online role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online was also a topic. The responsible parties at Zenimax finally revealed the release date for the upcoming dungeon DLC Scalebreaker as well as the parallel update 23.

Players of the PC and Mac version can get the DLC via ESO Plus subscription or Crown Shop purchase starting August 12. Owners of a Playstation 4 or Xbox One will have to wait until August 27. Update 23 is free for all TESO players (buy now 59,95 € ). And what's in it? Well, in the DLC you can expect the next chapter of the Year of the Dragon, which takes you to the dungeons Moon Tomb Temple City (in the preview) and Hoard of Maarselok. Update 23 includes an important update for all crafters (you can finally craft, recycle, and refine multiple items at once!), multiple bids for guild merchant locations, and an update to the Intrepid keys and rewards. For more details, read our article TESO: What to expect in the DLC Scalebreaker and Update 23.

Are you looking forward to the new Year of the Dragon chapter? How did you like the first DLC and the Elsweyr chapter? Tell us in the comments!