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WoW Classic - the perpetrator of the recent DDoS attacks has been arrested

Blizzard has announced the arrest of a person suspected of DDoS attacks on the company's servers. The problems affected both World of Warcraft Classic and Overwatch players.

The release of World of Warcraft Classic at the end of August attracted a lot of takers, which - unfortunately - translated into huge queues. Apparently, however, it was not enough for some, because almost two weeks later there were DDoS attacks on Blizzard's servers. Today, the company announced on the official WoW forum that the person suspected of causing these problems has been arrested. Her identity has not been revealed at this time.

The issue began on Saturday, September 7, when the Internet was flooded with reports of problems not only in World of Warcraft, but also Overwatch. In the first title players connected to the server, and yet the game restarted without any reason. In turn, people playing in Competitive mode in Blizzard's team-based shooter were being kicked out of matches and forced to watch the rejoin screen over and over again. A post from the publisher soon appeared reporting a DDoS attack causing these issues. After some time, it seemed that everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, the next day players had to face another wave of attacks. This one even affected the Overwatch League (via a post by commenter Wolf "Proxywolf" Schröder on Twitter), not to mention renewed problems with joining games in WoW and Overwatch. It was only after a few hours that the situation was stabilized on almost all servers.

Blizzard isn't the only company to have issues with DDoS. Recently, Ubisoft had to face them after the debut of Operation Ember Rise in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. The French publisher announced that it intends to draw consequences against the culprits not only in the game, but also through legal means. This would not be a precedent - Blizzard itself led to the conviction of a Romanian player for an attack carried out on the servers of World of Warcraft eight years earlier. We can therefore assume that the person arrested in connection with the recent problems can't count on the company's forbearance either.