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WoW: Why I would like to have Catacylsm 2.0 in the next addon

I'm going to take an unpopular stance here: I liked Cataclysm. Yes, it may not have been the best WoW expansion, and it did have a quirk or two. But I loved the structure of the areas and especially the rework of the old zones back then - and I still do, even if some signs of wear and tear have set in by now. But wouldn't that be exactly why it's time for a Cataclysm 2.0 of sorts?

Return to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor? Yes, please!

Reddit user Kartenbourgh wrote a few days ago that he hopes for a "Back to Azeroth" expansion to follow Shadowlands. He wants to see a return to the old Eastern Kingdoms zones and Kalimdor, similar to what happened back in Cataclysm. When I read his post, I immediately thought to myself: yeah, why not?

Of course, I realize that the WoW devs probably won't go to such great lengths again as they did in Cataclysm when it comes to reworking the old zones. But that doesn't have to mean that we couldn't or shouldn't return to the original zones of Azeroth with an upcoming expansion after Shadowlands.

Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms offer various opportunities for developers to tell interesting new stories, after all. Will the undead and night elves find a new home? Will the night elves ever find a new home? Source: Blizzard

What happens to the trolls after we free the Echo Isles? Will the gnomes ever truly return to Gnomeregan? Will the druids be able to heal the wounds of the Cataclysm? How is Yrel faring in Draenor? I just want to see how my WoW characters' exploits play out in Azeroth - not have to keep going off to some strange, distant region to pull the cart out of the mud.

I can't help but feel that over the years and previous expansions, as heroes of Azeroth, we've repeatedly betrayed or at least neglected our homeland. We traveled to completely unknown areas, even entered the afterlife - and the conflicts of our homeland remain unresolved in the meantime. Why do the developers always have to come up with some new continent that suddenly appears out of nowhere and that we have to conquer, pacify, or whatever for some absurd reason, when we could actually start by cleaning up our own backyard?

The Battle of Lordaeron has left a clear mark on the Eastern Kingdoms. Source: Blizzard The comments under Kartenbourgh's Reddit post, by the way, mostly agree with the player's tenor and also wish for a real return to Azeroth. What many fans are also asking for: finally a coherent map again. That's a demand I can very much relate to. What used to fascinate me about WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

was the fact that I could ride from north to south on a continent without seeing a loading screen. Alright, that still works in Shadowlands in theory, but the zones don't hang together as one true continent. Instead, there's the ominous "in-between" space - lame. I used to ride through the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zones sometimes just for fun, to enjoy the scenery and relax. To discover new things. To slow down my gaming. You can't do that to the same extent in the new zones anymore - and I miss it a lot.

Unfortunately, I think it's unlikely that Blizzard will grant my wish. I don't think the developers are going to provide me with the answers to the above questions I'm craving anytime soon. But hope dies last - and maybe we'll at least get another contiguous continent as a new zone in the next expansion.

What do you guys think? Do you wish for Cataclysm 2.0? Or do you completely disagree with our author? Let us know in the comments.

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