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WoW 9.1: Earn extra bravery points by helping players in M+.

Recently, the developers of WoW Shadowlands introduced the new scoring system for Mythic-Plus dungeons. With patch 9.1, you will then receive a rating for completing an M+ dungeon that is similar to the raider.io system. Achievements like the Season 2 Key Master achievement will then be tied to this rating instead of the difficulty of the dungeon.

An interesting part of the preview concerns the bonuses you get for helping other players. Whenever a player's score increases at the end of a run, you'll get extra bravery points

. This might encourage players to invite teammates whose Mythic Plus rating might not be as high as the other candidates who also sign up for your group through the tool. Depending on how high the bonus for Valor Points is, low-scoring players might even be prioritized for that reason.

The community, on the other hand, argues that boost groups will become more interesting again. Boost groups that are already making a killing selling +15 dungeons and the like would now be rewarded by getting their TP points faster. And that's something that was supposed to be curbed. These sales groups flood the LFG tool and keep popping up even after multiple reports.

In reality, though, this bravery point bonus probably only matters up to the point where the weekly cap of points is reached and should be considered a nice goodie rather than a game-changing feature.

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