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The corridors of Castle Nathria are filled only with shadows and echoes. Every so often, a small digger shuffles through the corridors, sweeping a pile of destroyed equipment into a corner or wiping a bloodstain from the floor. Outside the building, bright yellow barrier tapes flutter in the wind, with the words "Construction Site" and "Under New Management" written large on them. A small adventuring party of raid-willing newcomers stands freezing outside the entrance, whispering softly. The door slit is pushed back with a sudden bang, eliciting a collective squeal from the assembled newbie crew. A pair of scowling grave eyes stare out the slit. "What's the matter?


closed in here, mate!"

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. Rank 10: Blackclaw Armorer2. Rank 9: Innkeeper Yasmin3. 8th place: Keech the Great4. 8th place: Mei Francis5. 7th place: Ilsa Trubelbrau and Olrokk6. 6th place: Estelle Gendry and Krom Starkarm7. 5th place: Uncle Dickehose8. 4th place: Cousin Träghand and Gnimo9. 3rd place: The mad merchant10. 2nd place: Madame Goya11. 1st place goes to ...

The paladin of the group steps uncertainly in front of the door, waving a ticket. A hollow sigh can be heard from behind the door. "Raid finder, huh? Just wanted to pick up the story, wa?" Footsteps move away and the raspy voice bellows "Dobb, pull up the Denathrius doll, we've got i-dudes here who want some action! No - no, not the big bad one, use the cardboard and glitter one! Yeah right, the little one for kids and vegetarians!" Shuffling footsteps approach the door and the portal swings open. A tiny figure, barely reaching the armored paladin's knee, adjusts her bacon-covered leather cap. Her mouth is filled with teeth so crooked they look like a smashed piano keyboard. "Okay, unpack your little party swords and step inside. You have to save the Shadowlands, Denathrius is an evil scoundrel, and so on and so forth ..."
Rendel has become filthy rich in WoW Shadowlands - because he profited from the misfortune of the raiders in Nathria. Source: buffed Place of Honor: The Auctioneers
Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, five percent of the gold price of each auction has disappeared into the auctioneers' pockets
This means that the clever middlemen probably share first place with the Transmog traders.

The Grave's disgruntled grumbling only ends when he leads the group past a small anvil. Behind the anvil, a large bright spot can be seen on the ground. The weight of countless coins has practically polished and stamped the stone hallway smooth, revealing a pattern of countless Alliance, Horde, and city symbols. The wealth of an entire planet, immortalized in the floor of a castle on the edge of the afterlife. Candles burn on the anvil and small offerings such as mouse tails and figurines of dried clay were piled in front of the anvil to form an improvised shrine. As the gravedigger reverently places a bouquet of dry black roses on the anvil, the raid leader leans forward questioningly. The Gravedigger waves his stubby arms indignantly. "Don't gawk at me, fatty! This here's the shrine of Rendel the Clever - the first Grave to manage to outstrip the Rulers' wealth by twenty-six times in the space of a month! And do you know what's best?" Grave's crooked finger hits the paladin's chest plate with a dull clonk. "He has accomplished this with YOUR gold! Meanwhile, making a lazy living in Korthia." He shakes his head and trots sullenly down the hallway as the candlelight of the shrine fades behind him. "Bit late for that, I'm afraid, all the mythic guilds are through already." With a kick, the door to the first boss, Shrillwing, flies open and the troop of heroes spread clumsily around the room. Hits are taken, health points drop, but the difficulty level isn't high enough to knock the party off their feet. Little Graves sighs, resigned to his fate. "Damn raid finder." With one last glance at the distant candles of the Rendel shrine, he picks up a mop and begins mopping the marble floor of the castle. "Guess ma, the fat years are over." Far away, in the candlelight of the shrine, a lone gold coin sparkles like a winking grave-eye. 01:00
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The old money nobility

One of WoW's richest NPCs, the grave Rendel now sends you on your way as a quest NPC in Korthia in Patch 9.1. How did Rendel get so rich? He was the repair NPC in Castle Nathria raid, and even received a pile of gold from Blizzard over time that steadily grew in height behind him. Oh, you want to know how rich Rendel actually is? He doesn't pay you with mere gold after his quests, but an item that is literally a "Wheelbarrow Filled with Gold." Wow, Rendel. Just wow. Wealth has changed you man, you used to be cool. But wait, is Rendel really the richest NPC in WoW? We say no! There have been hundreds of tight spots and goldsinks over the years that just sucked money out of our pockets. We reminisce and meticulously analyze the most obvious monetary chokepoints and cleverly hidden gold graves. In the end, we compile the Forbes list of Azeroth's giga-bazillionaires - and some entries will definitely surprise! So put on your rhinestone-studded sunglasses so all that wealth doesn't blind you, and join the Giga-Super-Multimillion Safari.

Rank 10: Blackclaw Armorer

It came to pass back in Mists of Pandaria that Furorion the Black Prince gave out the first "Quest Legendary" to the peoples of Azeroth, accessible to virtually anyone. The quest line was long and arduous, but at the end, the player possessed a freshly made legendary item that could even be upgraded. Every player in the raid could work on their cloak at the same time, so the Blackclaw business was humming. Who was the lucky merchant? Well, no one knows his name - he was known only as the Blackclaw Armorer. In addition to various legendary upgrades and sockets, he also sold the epic base items needed to create the legendary cloak. And with prices as low as 10,000 gold pieces, the armorer earned a LOT of gold over the course of the expansion!
We're not talking repair prices that lasted a raid, we're talking months of money grubbing, complete with absolute whorehouse prices. To make the bad feeling of burning large amounts of gold in a controlled way perfect, the armourer is one of the rudest NPCs in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ). Try clicking on him once: "Your so-called kung-fu is pretty ridiculous, your swordsmanship is amateurish at best! Tell me, is there anything you can do? I knew it, the only thing you can do is order food in restaurants and spend your guild's money. Get out of my sight, you move like a pregnant yak!" Whew, chill out, brudi. We're already gone. Not only is the Black Claws' armorer filthy rich, but he's also extremely rude. Click on the rude guy once! Source: buffed

Rank 9: Innkeeper Yasmin

An unassuming landlady in Ulduar makes the Blackclaw Armsmaster swallow dust, because she sells two items that have been absolute bestsellers since Cataclysm: the Pyrium-Coated Crystal Vial and the Sands of Time. Both reagents are needed by alchemists for the coveted "Vial of Sands," which will allow you to transform into a dragon capable of carrying a second player on its back from this point forward! Extremely cool, as is the price: one vial and eight Sands of Time cost a whopping 74,000 gold coins. No wonder Yasmin is one of the few people who voluntarily stand around in Uldum. If we were her, we'd also practice living with a lot of sand in the near vicinity, because she can probably retire in a tropical paradise for the rest of her life. Oh, and just for the record, Yasmin still makes good sales even today, because the Vial of Sands is a timeless perennial that will still be in demand even in a hundred expansions. And at least the pyrium-coated vial is exclusively available for purchase from her. Respect, Yasmin. Way to make a lot of ashes!

Rank 8: Keech the Great

Much like hostess Yasmin, Keech the Great has discovered a niche in the market for himself. You can find the goblin with the impressive headgear in the Valley of Eternal Blossoms, right next to the entrance to the Battle for Orgrimmar. Note: You must speak to Zidormi to have her take you back to a time before the Black Empire, or Keech won't dare come out of hiding. The clever goblin sells materials that allow you to craft mounts from three different expansions. These include the Robogenieur's Chopper, the Fire Chair, the Geosynchronous World Turner, the Depleted Kyparium Rocket, and the Sandstone Dragon, which you can get from the Vial of Sands. Keech the Great sells you materials for mounts from a whopping three (!) expansions in WoW. You can find the super-rich gobbo in the ancient Valley of Eternal Blossoms. Source: buffed Wow. No wonder the antique dealer was blessed with such fancy headgear, with that much grit he can afford the absolute best of the best! Amusing Fact: Roxxi Ramming Rocket in the Storm Peaks was put out of business by Keech, because the merchants for the Sandstone Dragon and the rockets sell parts that can't be found at Keech's - but the booted-out goblin lady simply sells less stuff and is standing in the middle of a mountain range, six expansions away. Poor Roxxi has been destroyed by the laws of the free market.

Rank 8: Mei Francis

At this point at the latest, our readers nod sagely, because everyone knows Mei Francis. The lady with the fancy hat (we recognize a pattern) stands in old Dalaran from Wrath of the Lich King right in front of the hunters' stable and near the flight platform. This means that not only is she in a prominent position, but you'll also be running past her on a regular basis as you set off on new adventures. In her inventory, you'll find all sorts of interesting mounts like armored brown bears and woolly mammoths - and one of WoW's most common mounts: the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. At 20,000 gold coins, the trusty proboscidean is nowhere near as expensive as other mounts on this list. However, that's precisely why it's so popular: practically 99 percent of all WoW players own the Mammoth, as it provides one of the first mobile merchants for selling scrap and repairing equipment. And since Mei hasn't left her post since Arthas rebelled, she sells every new player who buries their nose even a little bit in WoW their first multi-purpose mount. Thank you for your service, Mei! We'll groom and cuddle our mammoth every day too, I promise.

Place 7: Ilsa Trubelbräu and Olrokk

Our next spot is taken by a lady and a gentleman who, back in the days of The Burning Crusade, discovered an absolutely killer gap in the market and exploited it to the bitter end. We're talking about Ilsa Trubelbräu and Olrokk, both of whom have made themselves at home in the Shadowmoon Valley of Outland. Why the unassuming dwarf and the aging orc are so rich? Well, it happened in TBC times that a new feature was introduced to the game: aerial riding. The two trainers were the only ones teaching players how to fly for a long, long time, and they charged a then absolutely killer price of 5,000 gold coins to do so. By comparison, these days that would be an estimated 500,000 gold coins in terms of expense. And each. Individual. Player. Paid. What other choice did we have? Later, more riding instructors appeared in Honor Hold and Thrallmar, where a high reputation with Orgrimmar and Stormwind could keep prices down, but by then it was long too late. Ilsa and Olrokk had already plundered our bank account.

Rank 6: Estelle Gendry and Krom Starkarm

In sixth place, we find Estelle Gendry and Krom Starkarm, who don't even have to leave Orgrimmar and Ironforge, respectively, to show up on the Fortune 500 list of Azeroth's best entrepreneurs. The reason for this is especially obvious to players who like to gear up and play up Twinks: They're the only ones who sell all the core heirlooms like armor and weapons, as well as craft all the heirloom upgrades! Prices start at a tame 500 gold, but quickly rise to 7,500 gold pieces and up in terms of upgrades. Add in the fact that players usually have to complete multiple armor types, buy and level up all weapons, purchase necklaces, upgrade shoulder pieces and insignias, and buy two cards of 10,000 gold coins, and this adds up quickly. Extrapolate that to the population of an average server and you get two absolutely stinking rich NPCs that make Rendel's pile of gold seem puny all at once. Krom Starkarm and his Horde counterpart Estelle Gendry will sell you heirlooms in WoW and can probably fill both capitals to the top with gold. Source: buffed

Rank 5: Uncle Fatpants

If you already nodded sagely at the mention of the Traveler's Tundramammoth, you won't be able to suppress a pained smile at the mention of Uncle Fatty Pants. Like Mei Francis, Uncle Dickehose is a dealer in exquisite mounts. However, the little grumble is not located in a capital city, but in a small village in the middle of Kun Lai Peak at coordinates 65/61. The fact that he is nevertheless one of the richest NPCs in WoW is due to the fact that he sells the reins of the giant expedition yak in addition to gray reitsyaks. The giant yak, like the tundra mammoth, includes a mobile repair station. But where the proboscidean harbors a confused bric-a-brac draenei as a second merchant, the yak offered you the ability to reforge on the go at the time.
Convenient, but the moment Uncle Fatpants started living up to his name was the moment the Umschieden went the way of all useless features - and the NPC was replaced by a Transmog merchant! Mobile transmog wherever you want? Shut up and take our money! TAKE IT NOW! The Yak costs 120,000 gold coins and is more than worth every single one of them. In fact, we claim that the Yak follows the Mammoth as the most practical mount of all time in the acquisition chain and is twice as useful. So loosen up your gold and buy yourself a giant, cuddly yak. Uncle Fatpants will be grateful.

Rank 4: Cousin Carryhand and Gnimo

Speaking of the mammoth and the yak: There are two NPCs who are definitely richer than Rendel - and also by repairing and providing general stores. We're talking, of course, about Gnimo, the adventurous tinkerer who accompanies you on the tundra mammoth, and cousin Träghand, who runs a small general store alongside the yak. Nobody fixes stuff like these two master smiths. No matter where you are, no matter what plane of existence, no matter what continent, Träghand and Gnimo are there at the drop of a hat to buy off your items and repair your armor. Fall off a bridge? Gnimo will help you. The world boss is flattening you? Cousin Carrying Hand will fix everything. Just want to repair and log off after a long evening of quests and PvP? These two are always on hand. We don't know where these guys keep all their wealth, but once we discover it, it'll probably surpass the height of Kun Lai Peak in volume.

Rank 3: The Mad Trader

The concept of a gold sinks keeps the WoW economy going, stating that there must always be a few extremely useful, rare, or cool items that cost exorbitant buzzers - to permanently remove gold from circulation and keep WoW's economy stable. This includes forges, auctioneers, and riding stations, as well as the major super-mounts of each expansion. The mighty Caravan Brutosaurus represented the most expensive in-game mount to date, costing 5,000,000 gold ex-factory, but there's one batty used car dealer who isn't impressed by developers or lapsing expansions: the mad merchant in the Legion version of Dalaran.

The batty gnome sells prismatic trinkets for 250,000 gold, a 34-seat bag (!) for 500,000, a pet for 1,000,000, and the infamous blood tooth widow, a riding spider for 2,000,000 gold. The merchant will still gladly accept your gold, so you can prove to your fellow players that you have a lot of disposable income and exquisite taste.

2nd place: Madame Goya

Second place should surprise no one, as there are few creatures in the universe richer than Madame Goya. As Matron of the Black Market, the Madame has been selling items since Mists of Pandaria that would otherwise be lost forever, such as the Tier 3 set from Naxxramas or the shoulder pieces that you can only wear with the Mantle of Furorion from MoP. If you're wondering where the mighty Caravan Brutosaurus ended up after it disappeared from the free market, you now have your answer: it's regularly put up for auction in the Black Market Auction House. And since the Black Market never gives you an exact time on how long the auction will last, players are bidding like crazy. Prices of 1,500,000 Gold for a shoulder piece or 5,000,000 Gold for a Brutosaurus are not uncommon, because nobody knows when (or if) these things will be put up for sale again. Are you guys familiar with the concept of a "scalper"? The guys who buy up all the PS5 and all the Nvidia graphics cards and later auction them off on E-bay for three times the entry price? Yep. Madame Goya is the most successful scalper in WoW history. WoW auction house scalper Madame Goya is so filthy rich she doesn't even live on the same investor continent as Rendel. Source: buffed

First place goes to ...

If you do some soul-searching and compare the flow of money, the available gold sinks, and the popularity of individual game mechanics, you can only come to one conclusion: The transmog merchants of Azeroth are so absurdly, so cosmically, so reality-distortingly rich that Rendel isn't even allowed to be on the same continent with these monsters. The richest of all the rich NPCs in WoW is, by far, Mystic Birdhat, the little transmog grumble at your expedition yak's side. Since he opened his gear shack, so much gold has been burned by the absolutely outrageous Transmog prices that you could rebuild Azeroth six times over from the sheer mass of money. There he is, the richest NPC in WoW: Mystic Bird Hat has collected about 70 percent of the Transmog gold of the player community over time. Source: buffed And what about Gallywix?
Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix is supposed to be one of the richest NPCs in the story, background-wise. We say that's nonsense. Gallywix thinks too small and still tries to make his money via multi-level marketing and extortion, instead of offering his customers something they simply can't play without. If you ask a transmog lover to choose between a ticket from a sinking island or a new pair of shoes, be prepared for the locker room question.

A golden nose

Have you discovered that it's mostly the small races that score disproportionately high on this list? We don't know if these guys and gals simply make up for their lack of height with enormous intelligence and ambition, or if thick muscles counteract a decent entrepreneurial spirit ... We hope you have a lot of fun boosting the automobile and clothing industries of Azeroth. Your small overlords will thank you for it!

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