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WoW: Epic! Fantastic machinima video shows the dark side of the undead

Player numbers in World of Warcraft have shrunk massively in recent months. In these turbulent times, the WoW community has to pull together quite a bit in order to manage larger community actions. It's hard to believe, but there are still players who make a name for themselves with extraordinary events and projects in WoW. One of them is the WoW guild The Scarlet Scourge, which is in our spotlight today.

The community consists of over 800 players who exclusively play undead and place a lot of emphasis on large roleplaying events. Recently, The Scarlet Scourge released a cool machinima that is all about the Forsaken and PvP. Be sure to check out the video, because the Forsaken rock!

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The long shadow of the Scarlet Scourge

The players of The Scarlet Scourge are dedicated to the Scarlet Crusade. The undead wear themed outfits and the much sought-after tabard, which perfectly complements their nasty look. Almost all members of the guild also have a special name. If you want to be part of it, you'll probably have to call your hero "Abomination". If you look at the guild list, you will see the said name with different spellings.

WoW Classic: Season of the championship - trailer for the start of the season

These large gaming communities are a very rare sight in World of Warcraft (buy now ) today. Most guilds are currently struggling to get a raid group going at all. Other players have even given up on finding a group altogether, preferring to focus on solo content or buying their boss kills. And that's exactly why The Scarlet Scourge and their machinima project are special!

"Everyone please come online"

The guild rounded up over 110 members for the production of The Isle of Scarlets to record all the scenes for the machinima. This video should also serve as a message to the rest of the WoW players; the community should stick together again and play together instead of wandering lonely through the world of World of Warcraft.

How did you like the machinima of The Scarlet Scourge? If you want to learn more about the guild and its concept, just check out Twitter. There you will find all the news about their RP events and information about the next project.

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