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WoW: Patch 9.1 brings sockets and media upgrades as Torghast rewards

When patch 9.1 hits WoW's live servers, the Tower of the Damned will be almost unrecognizable. The developers keep the basic principle, but turn pretty much everything else upside down that wasn't chained by the dungeon master. New hallways, new levels, and most importantly, an entirely new reward and scoring system and, to the particular delight of some players, a special talent tree for Torghast that will allow you to unlock more facilitates and content.

One of these unlockables is theAdamant Vault, which gives you access to two bonus tiers if you complete the run with a score of 5 out of 5 gems. In these two levels, all sorts of fine rewards then await you from enemies and the final boss. That much has been clear so far.

However, as some players on the PTR have now found out, the rewards there also include things like the Codex of Untapped Soulbinding - PH and the Spatial Realignment Apparatus mk2 NYI. Those are the current placeholder names for the upcoming items, which you'll then use to put sockets on your new gear or upgrade one of your random mediums. Things that currently require you to spend hours in the Maw to farm enough Sygia.

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If these items really do stay in Torghast's loot table when patch 9.1 hits the live server, then players will get another incentive to visit the Tower of the Damned. Or even farm it, unless those bonus tiers get a weekly loot lockout, which they don't currently have on the PTR. Because the only other way to get these items involves farming reputation in Korthia.
Also, the run's rating will then matter at the highest level. Until now, the amount of resources for your Legendarys is independent of the rating. So, however, most heroes would rather have a 5 rating than just get through quickly.

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