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WoW: TBC phase 2 soon on the PTR - with LFG tool / guild banks

Almost two weeks ago we had speculated which features could be part of the second phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic

. During BlizzCon, "only" the two launch raid instances Serpentshrine and the Eye in the Fortress of Storms were announced. However, many players are hoping that some challenges and improvements released with patch 2.1 or later will also be brought forward so that a) phase 3 isn't too jam-packed with content and b) you don't have to wait another half a year or more for certain things.

Now, in an interview conducted by Venruki in the wake of the Arena Tournament over the weekend, lead producer Holly Longdale revealed some exciting details. According to the developer, features from Phase 2 are set to land on the public test server as early as this week. These include:

  • Serpentshrine and the Eye in the Fortress of Storms in their respective pre-nerf versions.
  • The quest hubs around the Ogri'la and Skyguard of Sha'tari.
  • The modernized version of the group search tool from Burning Crusade, which should work without automated matchmaking and instead provide a concise list of all current group requests.
  • Guild banks should be testable (didn't come until patch 2.3 at the time).
  • Phase 2 of TBC Classic will implement mitigations for Tier 4 content.
  • Improvements to PvP such as in-game visible arena ladders.

As soon as the features are available on the PTR, we'll update this post for you, of course. How does it look like: Are you looking forward to the second phase of WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

: Burning Crusade Classic? How much time should Blizzard take with the release? Tell us in the comments!


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