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WoW: Fan runs on his treadmill from Silithus to Winter Spring

Have you ever dreamed of running through Kalimdor in real life? Reddit user and WoW fan TheeHole will now fulfill that very dream with the help of virtual reality. He plans to walk from the gong in front of Ahn'Quiraj in Silithus across Kalimdor to the destroyed bridge at Frostbreath Gorge in Winter Spring - on a treadmill.

With halved ingame running speed through Kalimdor

To accomplish his project, TheeHole programmed his treadmill to sync with an in-game video of his character walking the aforementioned distance from Silithus to Winter Spring. The speed at which the video runs corresponds to a treadmill speed of 11.25 km/h, half the running speed of WoW characters in the game.

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The player specifies the total length of the route he wants to cover as 14.5 kilometers and a difference in altitude of 81 meters. Accordingly, the duration of the run will be one hour, 17 minutes and 20 seconds at the given pace, which corresponds to a new personal best time for TheeHole (previously, he said he managed 13.6 kilometers in the same time).

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We think the idea is pretty cool, as does the WoW community on reddit, which is enthusiastic about the project. By the way, the highlight of the project is that TheeHole wants to broadcast his first attempt as a livestream via Twitch. So anyone who wants to can drop by his channel at 9:00 p.m. German time to witness the project.

Source: reddit

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