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WoW: Timewalking dungeons with AI as a solo experience? I would like that!

World of Warcraft has so much content that most other games can only dream of. But unfortunately, there's a serious catch: the majority of this content lies completely idle and is no longer used. While Blizzard has made more and more efforts over the past few years to keep content up to date for longer or to make it up to date again, the success in doing so has fluctuated greatly.

Mythic-plus dungeons, which keep inis current for a long time, were arguably as big a success as the world quests, thanks to which we keep going out into the world and roaming the areas. The time-walking dungeons or timewalking raids, on the other hand, were less successful. This was due to a couple of different things. For one, they compete directly with current content - the dungeons in question and the raid that's currently in play. Secondly, they are not permanently available. Also, there's always the option of just running solo into the old inis and grabbing transmog gear, pets, mounts, and a bunch of gold in a completely unstressful way. And let's be honest, none of us do timewalking dungeons because of the gear dropping there - at most because of the weekly reward.
Hardly anyone plays timewalking dungeons or raids because of the reward at the end. Source: Buffed But this is where I think Blizzard is missing an opportunity to provide players with tons of content. Why don't the developers make more out of timewalking? And what might that look like? Our editor Phil doesn't have any solutions, but he does have some crude snarky ideas about it.

Timewalking meets island of the exiled

There are basically two questions (apart from whether WoW (buy now 14,99 € )needs more actual content at all): How to make time-walking dungeons cooler content, and what incentives can you offer players to visit them as well.

The latter is particularly tricky. Because it's a fine line between "I have to go in there if I want to play at the top!" and "What am I supposed to do there, there's only dirt!". What I could imagine, though, is if you could earn rewards there that are available elsewhere in the current content. So you're not equipping the Timewaling dungeons with more rewards, you're giving players another way to get rewards that already exist. You want soul embers? You can get it in Torghast or in Timewalking dungeons. Anima? Get it at the end of a timewalking dungeon. By the way, Korthia Crystals sometimes drop there from the bosses and as a reward you get some Valor Points, Stygia and Archivist Codex. I could imagine it like that with the rewards. It would be important that in the actually intended content (world quests, Korthia, Torghast) more of the resources can be captured in a shorter time. The time-travel dungeons are not meant to replace the new content, but to offer an alternative if you really don't feel like doing something anymore.

And the implementation is also crisp. Of course, you could just use the already known system of automatic group search and just permanently unlock all timewalking dungeons. But that sounds terribly boring and too short-thought (so accordingly, would probably be the way Blizzard would choose). In my mind, though, I'd like to combine the timewalking dungeons with a technique we know from Isle of the Banished - the starting area introduced with Shadowlands. The dungeon is the grand finale of the Isle of the Banished and offers a calm and streak-free atmosphere thanks to AI teammates. Source: buffed There, a solo dungeon is the culmination of the tutorial. You won't be alone, however, but will be accompanied by four other players, just like in a real dungeon. The only difference is that these players are controlled by the AI. They tank, heal, and you play as one of the three damage dealers. How great would it be if every damn dungeon in WoW had this system?

More solo content & more group content

Of course, this feature would have to be selectable on and off. But this would open up so many possibilities. Not only would you be able to enjoy old dungeons with your friends instead of doing unloved content (such as world quests), newcomers or more inexperienced players could experience old dungeons at least halfway like they used to. Without ogog players equipped with drölf Legendarys from nine expansions, who pullen as a mage or whose healing spec is rather so ne optional thing.
Many dungeons offer a nice story, which is hardly experienced by anyone today. Source: Blizzard
You could finally experience the story of an expansion uninterrupted in one piece. The new leveling system, which was also introduced with Shadowlands, goes in this direction. However, the dungeons are a bit excluded from this. While you can do them at the end of a level area, you're immediately pulled out of the peace and enjoyment of the story because at least three people in your party are only interested in farming XP as quickly as possible. And the Island of the Banished is a good example that such a feature works. The dungeon at the end is the crowning glory of the area and thanks to NPCs everything is much more relaxed. Theoretically, you could also give the NPCs some dialogues that reveal more about the story - but that's just by the way.

Never gonna happen

Enough spinning now. Some of you might have thought while reading that the author is a bit of a jerk. That might even be the case. But in this case I'm actually aware that my fantasies are about as realistic as a Schalker championship title in the next few years. But that's not even because I think my idea is bad - on the contrary, I'm still excited by the notion. After all, it offers interested parties (i.e. me and, extrapolated, maybe seven other players worldwide) more content and everyone else remains completely unaffected by it - similar to pet fights.

WoW: Timewalking in Ulduar - short trailer World of Warcraft from€14.99

That all this will never happen, however, is due to two things. First, the development effort would be immense. Because you don't just plant four NPCs in the dungeons and the AI does the rest. You have to build in various processes for every single dungeon to make sure everything runs smoothly. Not to mention the fact that the NPCs would have to adapt to your playstyle (tank, healer or DpS) in the best case scenario. I don't even want to know how much effort that was already for the one dungeon on the Isle of the Banished. The cost/benefit calculation just isn't right here, which is why it would be insane for Blizzard to implement it.

And on the other hand, it would allow players to bypass the current content. Unfortunately, the past has shown that Blizzard prefers to look for ways to convince players of their current content - or, if convincing doesn't work, to set the rewards so high that it's hard to get around the content.

Do you guys have a better idea of what to do with all the old content in the form of dungeons and raids to make them more relevant to the current game? Or do you guys think the current form with the limited time time wandering dungeons is actually pretty good? And how soon would you cancel your subscription if Blizzard ever implemented my snap idea?

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