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WoW: Darkmoon Faire incoming - Save your weeklys this week!

The new year has begun, the new week brings in World of Warcraft and especially in the Shadowlands again new campaign quests, but also new weekly tasks. This time, however, you should definitely not hand them in right away as usual. Because in a few days, on Sunday, January 3, 2021 to be exact, the Darkmoon Faire on the mysterious Darkmoon Isle will open its doors again - and you will be able to grab a decent reputation bonus.

The weekly quests you can complete for Ve'nari, your respective pact and for the mediators in Oribos (dungeon quests) will grant you quite a lot of reputation points with the corresponding faction. If you get the "Yippee!" buff at the Darkmoon Faire, you will receive ten percent more reputation points on all quests. You should therefore wait until you can get the Darkmoon Faire buff before submitting quests to Ve'nari, the Paks, and Oribos - because with the amount of reputation points, a ten percent bonus is quite significant.

For all those who don't know (anymore) how to get the buff, we have prepared a short tutorial here:

  • Travel through the portal in Mulgore or Gold Grove to the Dark Moon Faire.
  • Go to the Dark Moon Carousel near the entrance on the right side of the fair.
  • Buy a booklet of Dark Moon tickets from Kai Ti (coordinates 50/59).
  • Run to the carousel and stand on the spinning platform.
  • Wait for the "Yippee!" buff to stack up to the maximum duration of 60 minutes.

Note that you can always reactivate the buff as long as the fair lasts. If you die, you lose the buff, but it remains when you log out of the game.

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