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WoW Classic: Kaivax on the layering spawn behavior of world bosses

On April 16, the 4th phase in WoW Classic went online - and with it the player numbers increased. This resulted in long queues, the solution of which turns out to be more difficult than one might think.

With the now following reintroduction of the layering technology on 18 different WoW Classic servers also numerous questions from the community come to the surface - like for example: How do the World Boss spawn timers work with the layering technology? Community Manager Kaivax has now answered that question.

How do World Boss spawn timers work with layering?

Community Manager Kaivax talks about the new spawn behavior of the World Bosses through the Layering Technology in WoW Classic (buy now 24,99 € ). Each layer basically has its own independent spawn timer, making it impossible for layer hoppers to simply kill a selected world boss again.

We have the original statement of community manager Kaivax for you below:

Each layer has its own independent spawn timers.

So when Kazzak or Azuregos decides to spawn on one layer, it doesn't affect the other layer at all. This way, a dominant guild wouldn't kill him, and then layer-hop to kill him again.

The Dragons of Nightmare are also tracked independently on each layer. All four dragons spawn at once on a layer when its time for them to do so.

FWIW, the fishing tournament is different. It's tracked globally, and will only have one winner per realm each week.