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WoW Classic: Zul'Gurub - Info and images for the 20-player raid starting April 2020

Zul'Gurub will be released in the World of Warcraft Classic in April 2020. Zul'Gurub is not only the troll classic among the WoW instances, but also the first "small" raid with 20 players, which finally made it possible for casual players to raid spontaneously and farm very good equipment without time-consuming preparations. Here you can read about the background story and find some tips.

Table of Contents1Zul'Gurub - Story2Zul'Gurub - The most efficient route3Zul'Gurub - Farming reputation with the Zandalari on Yojamba Island4Zul'Gurub - Picture Gallery5Zul'Gurub - Trailer

Zul'Gurub - Story

1,500 years before the opening of the Dark Portal, the mighty Gurubashi Empire was torn apart by a massive civil war. An influential group of troll priests known as Atal'ai summoned the avatar of an ancient and terrible blood god named Hakkar, the Soulflayer. Though the priests were defeated and eventually exiled, the great troll empire collapsed. The exiled priests fled far north to the Swamps of Misery, where they built a great temple to Hakkar in preparation for his arrival in the physical world.

In time, the Atal'ai priests found that Hakkar's physical form could only be summoned in the ancient capital of the Gurubashi Empire. So in Zul'Gurub, Jin'do the Hexxer enslaved several Gurubashi high priests to help him summon their terrible god Hakkar to Azeroth. To subdue the blood god, the trolls of the land banded together and sent a delegation of high priests to the ancient city. Each priest was a powerful champion of the primal gods - bat, panther, tiger, spider, and serpent - but despite their best efforts, they eventually succumbed to Hakkar's influence. The champions and aspects now began to feed off the incredible power of the Soulflayer.

Zul'Gurub - The Most Efficient Route

Located in northeastern Stranglethorn Vale, this 20-player raid instance was released in patch 1.7 on September 13, 2005. Like Zul'Farrak, Zul'Gurub counts as an outer zone, meaning that riding in the instance is possible. Zul'Gurub is the capital of the jungle troll tribes, led by the Gurubashi, who worship the terrible blood god Hakkar. It is believed that Zul'Farrak was once an outpost of this empire, but was lost during the Great Sundering. The most efficient route through Zul'Gurub is as follows:

  • Enter the instance and cross straight over the first bridge. Then turn right, go up the hill and kill the High Priestess Jeklik.Go back down the path and then cross the second bridge to get to the area on the left where High Priest Venoxis is.After Venoxis, follow the right path and continue up the instance. From here, you can go up a hill on the left and kill Blood Lord Mandokir or go right through the path with the spider webs to get to High Priestess Mar'li.If you want to do one of the Lair of Madness bosses, head back down the hill now and past the large staircase on the right.Down the path to your right you will find High Priest Thekal.Behind High Priest Thekal, off the left path, you will find the camp and shore where the water boss Gahz'ranka can be summoned. Kill him if desired.Back up the hill and down the path you will find a pyramid. Afterwards go back outside, continue the way and kill - if you want and have time - Jin'do the Hexer.Finally go back down the ramp and over the bridge on your right to the Temple of Hakkar, where you will find the Blood God Hakkar!

Zul'Gurub - Reputation farming with the Zandalari on Yojamba Island

Reputation with the Zandalar tribe can be gained by killing trash mobs and bosses in Zul'Gurub, as well as by completing repeatable and special quests that require you to submit items from the instance. Each full run through Zul'Gurub gives approximately 2,500 to 3,000 reputation with the Zandalari tribe. Prior to the release of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, the main reason for ruffarming with the Zandalari tribe were enchantments for shoulder, head, and leg armor. There are also popular alchemy and enchantment recipes, and herbalists can use the Blood Scythe from Zul'Gurub to farm blood vines for crafting various items. Check out the image gallery in this Yojamba Isle article that introduces you to the Zandalari trolls on Yojamba Isle for screenshots of quest text, reputation items, and reputation rewards.

Zul'Gurub - Image Gallery

In the following gallery you will find many original Zul'Gurub screenshots from 2005, enjoy!

See all 58 pictures in the gallery WoW Classic: Raid Zul'Gurub (1) [Source: Buffed]

Zul'Gurub - Trailer

Below you can see a copy of the original Zul'Gurub trailer from 2005. There is currently no official WoW Classic HD version from Blizzard.

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