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WoW: World record broken - World First Mythic +31 completed in time

Just over two weeks ago, the Mythic Plus record (+30 in time) was broken in WoW: Shadowlands. Now, the same dungeon group has set a new World First and was able to complete The Necrotic Rift to +31 in time. If you follow the Mythic Plus scene, you probably already know which players we're talking about:

Protection Paladin Cptrogers (Andybrew), Restoration Shaman Thaner, Windrunner Monk Childintime, Deception Rogue Ramfam, and Frost Mage Wildicute. This class lineup has proven to be the best combination for some time in Season 2 of Shadowlands.

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Special dungeon mechanics make it possible

The team now holds seven of the possible nine records for +30 mythic dungeons in WoW (buy now ) Shadowlands. The +31 record during ID with the Reinforced, Spiteful, and Horrible affixes. The Necrotic Aisle is particularly good for new dungeon records in combination with Reinforced (i.e. not so strong bosses), as special weapons can be collected in the instance, which can be used strategically to either deal a lot of damage, stun mobs or protect your party. The Kyrian buffs can also be unlocked in this dungeon. However, none of the players were followers of the Kyrians, which makes the record a bit more amazing.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

When, where and which weapons are collected and used, these players have of course already perfected after countless runs. In the profile on raider.io

you can see which item level, which Legendarys, Pacts, trinkets, Soulbonds etc. the respective players have used.

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