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WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace - Priests and Paladins dominate the HpS charts

Table of Contents1. WoW: HpS at Abyssal Commander Sivara2. WoW: HpS at Azshara's Splendor3. WoW: HpS at the blackwater monster4. WoW: HpS at Lady Aschwenwind5. WoW: HpS at Orgozoa6. WoW: HpS at the Queen's Court7. WoW: HpS at Za'qul8. WoW: HpS at Queen Azshara9. WoW: HpS at the Eternal Palace - Conclusion

The new WoW raid The Eternal Palace has only been open for several weeks and already thousands of groups have fought their way through the new raid, defeating the eight bosses in total. The class adjustments with patch 8.2 have shifted the balance of power between the different play styles, sometimes significantly. But instead of looking at the performance of the damage classes as usual, we want to look at the balancing of the healers today.

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace - Starting point

To really find out what the classes are currently performing, we'll limit ourselves to the top ten percent of all heroic logs for each class. This way, we ensure that the numbers aren't skewed by weaker players or incorrect logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). Since these numbers were usually achieved with very good equipment and the appropriate Azerite Perks and Essences, however, the pure values are not very meaningful. So if you can't get close to the numbers given, don't worry. Of course, even the best healers can only heal as much as the party takes in damage. For the relationship between the classes, however, they are quite useful.

WoW: HpS at Abyssal Commander Sivara

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Abyssal Commander Sivara Source: buffed The first fight in the Eternal Palace is a real test for the performance of the healers. This is especially true if your damage dealers are not on their toes and deal a lot of unnecessary area damage. Accordingly, you should expect the group healers here in front, which is also the case. Some of you might be wondering why the Holy Paladin is so far up front, even though group healing is necessary. This is due to the so-called Shimmer of Light playstyle, thanks to which the Paladin generates enormous group healing, which, however, also comes with some disadvantages. Further up are only the Holy Priests, who are happy that their mastery here finally doesn't go into overhealing for the majority of the time. - Raidguide to Abyssal Commander Sivara.

WoW: HpS at Azshara's Splendor

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Azshara's Splendor Source: buffed With Azshara's Splendor, the constant area damage in the intermediate phases alternates with the rather fast and heavy area damage of the main phase. This mix is perfect for Holy Paladins and their spells. They also benefit from being able to stay on the boss and cast all of the Light Shimmer abilities on the move. Mistcaster Monks are a close second. They bring, among other things, Invigoration, the fastest way to get all teammates back in the green after area damage. Druids suffer from HoTs taking too long, while Shamans weaken from all the movement required. - Raidguide to Azshara's Splendor.

WoW: HpS at the blackwater monster

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Blackwater Untamed Source: buffed In the Blackwater Untamed, healers have to deal with almost any kind of damage while still keeping an eye on various debuffs if they don't want to pump mana into unhealable targets. Monks are again strong here. They can relax and bring the party back to a safe level of Health after area damage, which also requires movement (at least on the back platforms). Holy Paladins are strong here again, and once again Shamans suffer from a lot of movement and the general weakness of the class, which doesn't seem to have been fixed even with the recent buffs. - Raidguide to the blackwater monster.

WoW: HpS at Lady Aschwenwind

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Lady Ashenwind Source: buffed While Lady Ashenwind is the check for your party's DpS, healers don't really break a sweat here until mythic mode. More important than constant HpS is actually being able to heal your party quickly after the initial impacts of the water bullets, so that further impacts don't cause any deaths. Holy Priests have various skills and talents to shine here. More so even than the monks. Healing Druids usually complain that the group heals up too quickly for the HoTs to have their effect. Discipline Priests don't reach high HpS levels here, but are definitely not to be underestimated thanks to their shields and fast burst healing after impacts. - Raidguide for Lady Aschenwind.

WoW: HpS at Orgozoa

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Orgozoa Source: buffed Since you'll be busy with the way to the second chamber for half of the fight, the effective HpS values are quite low here. But even outside of the mid-stage, there's not a whole lot to heal here. Druids push forward as their HoTs are the perfect counter to the boss's increasingly numerous DoTs. Holy Paladins, on the other hand, primarily generate overheals with their Light Shimmers here, which is why they slip to the bottom of the ladder on the boss known in the lingo as Gorgonzola. - Raidguide to Orgozoa.

WoW: HpS at the Queen's Court

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Queen's Court Source: buffed The third last boss in the Eternal Palace lets the Holy Paladins shine again. They outshine everything with their playstyle here. With most tactics, the tin can healer can stand permanently by the boss and play through his healing rotation undisturbed. The resulting HpS numbers are simply unmatched by any other class. Not even the Holy Priests can even come close. The other four classes are pretty close. Restoration Shamans don't have to move much here, but their mastery doesn't matter much because rarely do players really take much damage. - Raidguide to the Queen's Court.

WoW: HpS at Za'qul

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Za'qul Source: buffed What was true for the Queen's Court also applies to a large extent to Za'qul - at least with regard to Holy Priest and Holy Paladin. However, since the incoming damage here is disproportionately fiercer, the Shamans can claim the title of Best of the Rest. Discipline Priests slip to a distant last place. While they generate the lowest HpS, they are by no means a bad choice thanks to their shields and free bonus damage. Many pro guilds have relied heavily on the shield slingshots for the back bosses - but in mythic mode, of course. - Raid guides to Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alotha.

WoW: HpS at Queen Azshara

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace: Queen Azshara Source: buffed Discipline Priests also rank last in the final boss Azshara, but are still the most important healer in this fight for many top guilds. This impressively demonstrates that HpS is not the most important argument pro or contra of a healer class in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ). Due to the lower maximum health of the players in this fight, shields are extremely valuable and clearly more important than high HpS. The Method guild even used two Discipline Priests in Mythic mode and benched all other healer classes. When it comes to pure HpS, however, no one can get past their classmates with the Holy playstyle. They are just ahead of the rest of the healers and the gaps are quite small, with the exception of the Discipline.

WoW: HpS in the Eternal Palace - Conclusion

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Across all the fights, the balancing of the healers in the Eternal Palace looks pretty good. Druid, Shaman and Diszi could still slide up a little bit, but are by no means knocked off. Shaman and Druid suffer a bit from the mechanics of the fights, which are more tailored to the abilities of the other healer classes. Discipline Priests shine less with pure HpS and more with important shields or burst healing. In general, Blizzard is to be congratulated. If the balancing of the damage classes was as good, there would probably be far less whining from the players. We have to say a few words about the Holy Paladin. It's doing very well in the logs, but it has to use the Shimmer of Light playstyle to do so. Without three of the Shimmer of Light perks and the appropriate talents, he's currently near the bottom of the list. Of course, the other classes have strong perks, but no one is that dependent on a single perk. This is where Blizzard could tweak things a bit to give the healing tin cans a little more choice....