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WoW: Legion timewalk dungeons as M+ - potential and challenge

A fundamental problem in WoW is that there is no scaling system for dungeons - so any dungeon can be played at any level and the level of the character is adjusted. The design of old dungeons effectively disappears from the game again with a new expansion. Every few weeks you can go into time-travel mode, but even the weekly reward for completing for four of these dungeons is no longer interesting to most players.

With patch 9.1.5 of WoW Shadowlands, Blizzard is attempting to at least partially address this lack of a scaling system, not only introducing a new time-walking version with the Legion dungeons, but even letting players play the timewalking versions of Legion in Mythic-Plus. This will let the Mythic-Plus pool grow from nine to 22 dungeons for at least two weeks, after which time-walking events will return to a weekly rotation. There's no word yet on whether the rotation of events will be adjusted. Normally, under normal circumstances, a Legion timewalking event wouldn 't reappear until just over four months after release - so a bit of a long wait.

The Potential of M+ Time-Walking Dungeons

For a limited time, players can score interesting trinkets and powerful items like Shroud of Shame - provided all 13 Legion dungeons are unlocked for Mythic-Plus timewalking.

The developers get a new way to make many of the old dungeons interesting for players and expand the endgame through M+ timewalking instances. In addition to the Mythic-Plus season, there could be decoupled M+ timewalking seasons for a short period of time. For example, after Legion dungeons, we could go back to WoD instances and then jump into MoP M+ dungeons.

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The duration of such M+ time-walking seasons should not be too short, so that you can learn the dungeons and bag desired loot, but not too long like the normal M+ seasons.

The challenges that M+ Timewalking brings.

Balancing all sorts of trinkets and other items with special effects like cloth of shame is a challenge for the developers. On top of that, there are the 2-set bonuses of

the later Legion dungeons.

The real challenge, however, will be how to unite Legion dungeons with Shadowlands mechanics. WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Shadowlands introduced the AoE cap

. Accordingly, Shadowlands dungeons were designed so that you rarely encounter hordes of enemies unless you pull multiple groups together. We're curious to see how and if the developers address this problem at all.Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thank you!

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