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WoW: TBC Classic - PvP Season 1 will be frustrating for all casuals

As you know, Blizzard recently introduced the new arena system of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Here are the most important adjustments compared to the original system from TBC:

  • The matchmaking rating system will use the system that was used in PvP in 2008.
  • All teams start at rating 0 instead of rating 1.500
  • As early as Season 1, almost all items from arena vendors will require a certain rating for purchase. The only exceptions: Gloves, throwing weapon, shield hand items (shields excluded), wand. The rating requirements range from 1,550 to 2,200.
  • You don't need (!) Arena rating if you want to buy Arena gear from past seasons. Of course, this won't come into play until Season 2.
  • You will receive Arena Points at the weekly ID reset, the amount of points depends on the team that has earned the most points.
  • To receive Arena Points, your team must have played at least 10 games in a week, and your character must have participated in at least 30% of the games. In addition, your personal rating cannot be more than 150 rating points away from your team rating.

WoW: TBC Classic - The disadvantages of the new arena system

This new system will have a very negative impact on the gameplay of many players, especially in the first PvP season of TBC Classic, at least that's what several streamers/youtubers (including an experienced game designer) are currently claiming. Here are the criticisms of the system:

  • The path from rating 0 to 1,550+ is much longer and more costly than the path from 1,500 to 1,550+. To put this in perspective, in Shadowlands the average rating of all teams is currently 1,376 rating. Seventy percent of all players are below 1,500.
  • A lot of PvE-focused players who wanted to play a few Arena games every week under the old system to gradually earn one item or another (some of which are among the best you can get for PvE content) will now let it go because a) they don't have the time to push the rating from 0 to 1,550+ and b) they probably don't have the skill/experience to go that route.
  • Any player who doesn't realistically get to 1,550+ rating in season 1 can barely buy anything for the arena points they earned, namely only gloves, throwing weapon, shield hand items (shields excluded), wand. So again the question: why play arena regularly in season 1 at all then?

WoW: TBC Classic - If you don't reach certain ratings, you will hardly get rid of your Arena points in season 1. Source: buffed

  • Of course, there are also PvP items aside from the epic set and weapons. Rings, necklaces, capes, trinkets, special jewels, bracers, belts, shoes and blue set and weapon counterparts can be bought for honor and battleground tokens. Unfortunately, Arena matches only give you Arena points, not Honor points.
  • If most teams and players are barely active in the low scoring area due to the lack of motivation from rewards, this will have a negative impact on all higher scoring areas as well.
  • The lack of motivation is doubly unfortunate, as the first season in particular could have been a great opportunity to get pros and casual players, PvP veterans and newbies alike, excited about the Arena. This is because toughening will play a small role in the beginning, and because after a few IDs, most players will have completed all of the PvE challenges of Phase 1, and Arena PvP could have sweetened the wait for Phase 2.
  • Craftable Blacksmithing weapons and epic raid drops will be much more important for Arena in Season 1 now, as it will take many players a long time to stock up on epic PvP gear across the board - if at all. However, those who do carry epic PvP arena gear first should then have a huge advantage over most of the competition.
  • Due to the high scoring requirements, arena boosting will unfortunately become a very dominant theme. The requirements players must meet to qualify for season-long rewards won't help either. After all, there are three Arena brackets with their own ratings, and from experience, players who want to achieve very high ratings with one class often have multiple accounts and characters of that class anyway, so they can practice new strategies, for example, without jeopardizing the rating of the relevant team/character.
  • Boosting, in turn, will ensure that if you're a team that wants to properly play your way to a 2,050+ rating, you'll keep running into boosters over and over again who are already carrying Season 1 weapons. Frustration is bound to happen here.
  • In later seasons, the situation will be alleviated because all players will have comparatively easy access to arena items from older seasons. At the same time, with a view to Seasons 3 and 4, there is already criticism that items from Season 3, which in the original TBC had rating requirements until the end, are apparently to be given to players without a minimum rating in TBC Classic Season 4. This means that items that had a high prestige value at the time (because only a few players could earn them) would be worn by everyone in Season 4 of TBC Classic. The Season 1 or Season 2 counterparts would also be sufficient as entry-level equipment.

What do you think of the new Arena system? Do you see any positive effects of the changes? Are you looking forward to TBC Classic PvP? Let us know in the comments.