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WoW: 9.1 Datamining - Even faster glory catch-up found in game files

Meanwhile, you're catching up on fame levels pretty quickly after changing pacts in WoW Shadowlands. If you are diligent and run through dungeons and raids, you can easily get your 30 to 40 fame levels within a week. With patch 9.1, however, you can gradually earn up to 80 fame levels.

For this reason, the developers seem to have come up with a way for players to get fame levels even faster. In the game files of patch 9.1, dataminers have at least once found a string called "Rapid Renown Catchup". This faster renown catch-up is located between strings that list various (simple) prerequisites for a character. You may need to unlock a simple achievement before the "Rapid Renown Catchup" becomes active.

14217 Garrison has talent "{GarrTalent}" researched and active at or above {#Rank} 317 0 60014218
Currency {CurrencyTypes} Spent on Garrison Talent Research in Tree {GarrTalentTree} is greater than or equal to {#Quantity} 318 0 60014219
Renown Catchup Active 319 0 60014220
Rapid Renown Catchup Active 320


Player has Mythic+ Rating of at least "{#DungeonScore}" 321 0 60014222
Player has completed at least "{#MythicKeystoneRuns}" Mythic+ runs in current expansion 322 0 60014225
(Account Only) honor level {#Level} reached 213 0 59414226
Earn Artifact experience for Azerite Item 214 0 59414227
Azerite Level {#Azerite Level} reached 215 0 59414228 Myth


Plus Completed 216 0 59414229
Scenario Group Completed 217 0 59414230
Complete Any Replay Quest 218 0 59414231
Buy items from vendors 219 0 59414232
Sell items to vendors 220 0 59414233
Reach Max Level 221 0 59414234
Memorize Spell "{Spell}" 222 0 59414235
Learn Transmog Illusion 223 0 59414236
Learn Any Transmog Illusion 224 0 59414237
Enter Top Level Map Area "{AreaTable}" 225 0 59414238

Leave Top Level Map Area "{AreaTable}" 226 0 59414239
Socket Garrison Talent {GarrTalent} 227 0 59414240
Socket Any Soulbind Conduit 228 0 59414241
Obtain Any Item With Currency Value "{CurrencyTypes}" 229 0 59414242
(Player) Mythic+ Rating "{#DungeonScore}" attained 230 0 59414243
(Player) spent talent point 231 0 594Source

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