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WoW: When did you have the most fun in Azeroth?

MMORPGs are always about one thing: loot. Isn't it? Well, strictly speaking, we actually play them to have fun. Fat loot is ultimately only one part of the equation. With patch 9.1 currently coming to WoW and the release of Burning Crusade on the horizon in WoW Classic, I've been doing a little review of when I've actually had the most fun in Azeroth so far - and with what. Spoilers: The answer has rather little to do with Loot.

Back in the good old days....

During my review of my WoW past, several examples came to mind. The first experience that came to mind goes back to early vanilla days. Back then, I was a newly minted Night Elf Druid in a roleplaying guild on the server Eredar. My little Dudu had barely reached level 34 when I attended an official guild event in Kharanos. With my mouth agape, I admired those players who had already reached level 60 and bought their own mount. But the real fun began when the guild master kicked off the event festivities with a PvP tournament.

The idea was to pit two Druids against each other while the rest of the guild roleplayed and cheered on the combatants, draining one tankard of beer after another. The fight lasted - those of you who remember the Vanilla days probably already guessed - forever. And by forever, I mean several hours. Looking back, it might seem crazy and stupid, but I had a lot of fun watching them fight and betting with the other guild members on who would win. The roleplaying around it made the day perfect.

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Roleplaying is also at the heart of my second fun example: I switched to the Horde side shortly after Burning Crusade's release. At first I played a Tauren, but later I switched to an Undead Mage. He quickly joined a cult made up entirely of undead. This role-playing guild was plotting against the Alliance and was hostile to all the living. At that time, I had a lot of fun roleplaying my mage. He only spoke of himself in the third person and was a strange character even among the other undead. My heart still swells when I think back to that time, which has long since passed, and which for me is the epitome of fun in WoW (buy now €14.99).

Again and Again: Back to Square One

The third example is perhaps a bit more general, but probably the most relatable to other WoW fans: I almost always had the most fun in Azeroth when a new addon was freshly released. After months of trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible (which hasn't really been possible in recent years, for obvious reasons), it always felt incredibly awesome to explore the new areas. To experience the stories that the developers at Blizzard had come up with. Experiencing the feeling of the beginning all over again, like in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. And when there are curious toilet quests or we get to play NPCs ourselves, the fun is perfect for me.

You can already see: My examples are all from past WoW days. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun off the loot spiral in WoW: Shadowlands, don't you think? We want to know from you: When and with what did you have the most fun in WoW in general and in Shadowlands in particular? Write it down in the comments!

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