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WoW Patch 9.1.5: These are the undocumented changes

Every time a new WoW patch is released, there are changes that don't show up in the official patch notes. The 9.1.5 update is no exception. Among other things, the developers have made various adjustments to quest names in the wake of Blizzard's internal sexism scandal. There are also a few changes to the interface and individual animations. We have prepared a list of undocumented changes in patch 9.1.5, which we will update as needed.

Adjustments from patch 9.1.5 - No word about it in the patch notes


  • The holiday mount "Great Love Rocket" (LIebe liegt in der Luft) is now called Heartbreaker X-45.
  • Heroic: Twin Concubines is now called Heroic: Twin Myprians (the Boss Encounter has also been adjusted accordingly).
  • Some achievements have been given new names in the English language version only.


  • The animation of the Paladin ability Divine Storm looks slightly different than before.
  • Frogmount's jump animation has been slowed down.
  • The Yak Soulform has a different jump animation than before.
  • Trolls' jump animation of ascending has received an update.


  • FPS issues with the Ember Court event have been fixed.


  • Limits on Valor and Conquest points appear to have been removed (not yet officially confirmed).


  • The developers have adjusted various items that previously included the name Mac'aree.
  • Wirt's Third Leg is now called Lamp of the Southern Sea Freebooter.
  • "D" ring is now called Souvenir ring of K3 expedition.
  • All references to the name Finkle have been replaced with the name Pip.
  • The icon of the Great Love Rocket has been replaced.
  • A number of items have been given new names in the English language version only.
  • New scout cards for all continents have been added.
  • Scout maps now unlock all flight paths in a zone and reveal the entire zone (you also get the associated exploration achievements).
  • Wild Seeds are now stackable up to 200 units (previously 20).


  • The developers have adjusted the names of various enemies to remove words like "concubine" and "mistress".
  • Some enemies have been given male equivalents.

NPCs (merchants)

  • The developers have adjusted various NPC names to remove sexual innuendos.
  • Allusions to George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Finkle and McCree have been removed.
  • The developers have adjusted several NPC dialogues, including those of Apothecary Lydon, Levixus, Maatparm, and Nat Pagle in the Hill Country foothills.


  • Herbs now apparently disappear after one click instead of several clicks and persist after the first collection.


  • The developers have renamed various quests to remove sexual innuendo.


  • There is now a Chest of Countless Things outside of the Torghast wing room.
  • When you complete a Torghast run, you will land back in front of the portal of that wing.
  • The Soul Forge wing has a new layout.
  • The Primus has been given a new line of dialogue in Torghast.

World Environment

  • Mac'Aree is now called Eredath. All quests, items and achievements have been adjusted accordingly.

User interface

  • The developers have removed various jokes with sexual innuendos.
  • The Korthia portal in Oribos now has an icon on the map.
  • Players with in-game mail get the post icon displayed in the character selection screen.
  • The icons for gold, silver, and copper now match the new icons added in patch 9.1.

Know of any changes not yet included in this list that don't show up in the official patch notes? Post them in the comments so we can update our list accordingly!


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