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WoW Patch 8.3: The final cutscene in the fight against N'Zoth

In Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3, we face the Old God N'Zoth in the Ny'alotha raid. But will we really be able to defeat one of these powerful creatures? He's considered one of the weaker Old Gods, but he is, after all, responsible for what Deathwing has done to Azeroth. The dataminers at wowhead have pulled an early version of the final cutscene in the fight against N'Zoth from the game files.

This early version is not yet dubbed, but shows subtitles and our fate in the encounter with the Old God. A real conclusion can not conclude the short video, just to be on the safe side, of course, we still warn you that at this point an important part of Patch 8.3 is spoiled. WoW Patch 8.3: The final cutscene in the fight against N'Zoth (SPOILER) (2) Source: buffed

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In the cutscene, we see our characters running towards N'Zoth towards the end of the fight, seemingly mind-controlled. However, Magni and MOTHER are nearby in a chasm that clearly looks like a Titan facility, trying to save us. Magni steadily pleads with us to keep fighting N'Zoth's mind manipulation. Just before we get close, Mother readies a weapon that empowers our hero through the power of Azerite and our necklace, respectively, and fires an enormous beam of energy at N'Zoth.

As mentioned, this is an early version of the cutscene and something may still change in the final settings. It's not entirely clear if this is actually sending the Old God to the afterlife, as the video fades to a glaring white. However, it seems clear that this is how the fight against the final boss of Ny'alotha ends.